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Welcome to the Wintermaul Wars: Tournament Edition page. This project is not N64 emulation related, which is what my Main Site is all about. I suggest you go and read my other site too, for you can learn how to play N64 on your computer, and even learn more about yours truly. The main focus of this page is the most recent version of the popular WarCraft 3 map Wintermaul Wars: Tournament Edition.

Wintermaul Wars - Tournament Edition v5.0 Beta-Z.06
Last updated: 6/26/11

WMW TE v5.0 Beta-Z.06 Download
WMW TE Changelog
GHost++ Setup Guide

Race Modes:
Normal - Select your race normally from the Race Selection Building.
Allrandom - Every player will be given a random race at the start.
Same Race - Whatever race the host picks, all players will be given that race.
Race Repick - Players can repick their race at any time, and keep any previous towers.

Game Modes:
Lifesteal Mode - When a unit boards the ship, lives are stolen instead of lost.
HyperSpeed Mode - Units run down the lanes at maximum movement speed.
Greed Mode - The income timer is reduced from 15 seconds to 12 seconds.
Penalty Mode - When a life is lost or stolen, a random tower on the losing team is destroyed.
Team Income - In this mode, players recieve the total team income instead of their individual income.

Quick Setup Modes:
Classic WMW - The classic style of WMW play, no special options enabled.
UltraSpeed - Income timer is reduced, units run full speed, and no stock timers.
Total Chaos - Brought back from v2.2b, this has lifesteal, greed, superspeed, and hyperspeed combined.
Elite Mode - The hardest of game options combined. Only for the best players.

Game Features:
- 44 Races to choose from each with their own unique ability and towers.
- Highly configurable options. The host can change the amount of starting lives, unit difficulty, and many other options.
- As of Beta-Z.05, the game now supports HCL commands used by autohosts to set up the game. Details on how to do this can be found under the download.

Older Versions:
A link to the archives of all WMW maps that I have created can be found by clicking here.

The Story and the Revisions....
People ask me all the time, why WMW? Well, because its fun and nobody ever did it right. This project started a long time ago, because I really loved wintermaul wars. I wanted a version with every race in it, then I was gonna be done. Yeah right, here I am still working on it after 2 years! It started out as WMW SuperSpeed Edition, and eventually blossomed into the Tournament Edition. The map had many versions, each incrementing in a whole value when a major change was introduced...

- The version 1 series was the next version to SuperSpeed v.Final and introduced specialty towers.
- The version 2 series was a resurrection to WMW TE v.Final.
- The version 3 series introduced a ton of new towers and builder spells.
- The version 4 series gives the creeps spells to cast on each other and player towers.
- The upcoming version 5 series will introduce enhanced speed, new spells, and much much more.

So yeah, every major revision I increase the whole number by 1, and any small fixes or revisions to that series it becomes the next incremented decimal. That is why the version numbers increase so fast because of the evolution it undergoes. As for now, enjoy the latest version!