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StRoNgFoE's WMW Tournament Edition Changelog

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WMW Tournament Edition v5.0 (Pre-Release) Beta-Z Change Log:
Current Released Beta: WMW TE Beta-Z.06
For all the global changes that version 5.0 will bring, scroll below the pre-release changes.

StRoNgFoE Says: This “Z” series of beta versions are based off of a total rewrite of the map script, from ground zero up. This has taken a very long time, I pretty much scrapped all the code I worked on all this time. I named the new versions “Z” as sort of a reference to the amount of sleep I lost working on this map (zzzz). The reason I have done this is because the original source was a mess, a bunch of random script rewritten over and over again over the years. My new script is much cleaner with a central ‘engine’ of sort to build off of, and will make editing, bug fixing, and future revisions much easier to implement. Hopefully, this will also make the gameplay smoother, less error prone, and no longer have random crashes.

== Changes in Beta-Z.06 ==

-- Removed the tower limit once and for all.


== Changes in Beta-Z.05 ==

-- Enabled HCL command support for autohosting. Allows setup of Quick Game Modes, Race Modes, and Team Income.

-- It is now possible to select “Team Income” through the Quick Setup menu.


== Changes in Beta-Z.04 ==

-- Attempt to add chat command support for autohosting.


== Changes in Beta-Z.03b ==

-- Fixed the bank withdrawal for players 2-6.


== Changes in Beta-Z.02b ==

-- Fixed player leaving bugs (I seriously hope).

-- Video Game Castle’s 1-up ability cooldown increased to 90 seconds (up from 60).
-- Bomb Race’s tower Turret Bomb now has a secondary attack for air units.


== Changes in Beta-Z.02 ==

-- All That is Evil race has been redesigned to no longer has any splash damage, but it’s attack speed and damage have been increased significantly.

-- The towers from the Devil’s Lair now have lower minimum damage, higher top end damage, and attack slightly faster. All towers have critical strike, so this will give them a gamble for higher crits than before.

-- When Donkey Kong attacks, the Bash chance has been increased to 30% (up from 10%), and Pulverizes a group of units for 150 damage.

-- The host can now disable spells that creeps cast by typing the command (-csoff). Creep spells can be restored with (-cson).

-- Creeps that disperse healing on death can now be silenced by Negation Towers. If the creep dies when silenced, it will not disperse the heal.

-- If a tower is frozen by a Frozen Infernal or a Mithril Golem, then that tower can no longer cast spells.

-- The units from the Shrine Level 5 have all been renamed.

-- Many of the creeps in every level of the shrines that did not have abilities have been given abilities, some are new abilities and some are existing ones with greater effects.

-- Fixed a bug that gave Mystery’s Remarkable Wealth even after the builder was destroyed.

-- The limit on the amount of spell casting creeps a player can have on the map has been reduced to 60.

WMW Tournament Edition v5.0 Change Log:
NOTE: This changelog is not official and may change until v5.0 is officially out of beta. Major changes in beta versions will be added to this changelog.

Game updates/changes:

-- NOT FINISHED: A new shrine called the Boss Shrine has been introduced. This shrine holds special boss type units with a long sending cooldown, tanked units sometimes with special abilities.

-- HCL support added for autohost applications. To learn how to set up your HCL for use with this map, visit the download page and click the link.
-- The map now has a 280 creeps per player limit. This means that a player can not have more than 280 creeps on the map at a time. If a player tries to send when this limit is exceeded, no creep will appear, no income will be gained, and an error message will display.

-- Mandatory tower limit has returned, this time with a maximum limit of 150 towers per player. The new tower limit values in the Custom Setup are: 60, 80, 100, 120, and 150.

-- Income was originally coded as an integer (number with whole values only), but is now coded as a real (number that can hold decimal values). This means that anything that affects income by a (%) will never lose decimal values, meaning no income is ever lost.

-- Added a new game mode Team Income. This game mode can be only be accesed using the Custom Setup button when the game starts. In this game mode, players will only recieve 1/3 normal income when sending creeps, but recieve their total team income instead of their individual incomes at the end of each timer. So example, sending a scout would give 0.33 income instead of 1, and barbarian would give 2 income instead of 6.
-- In Team Income mode, player shrines will auto-upgrade based on the total team income instead of their individual incomes. So this means, all shrines on a team will upgrade simultaneously.
-- New Auto-upgrade shrine values. These values can be found in the chart below this section of changes.

-- Revamped the attack type vs. armor type values. The new values do not allow most attacks to be reduced over 15%, so all attacks are viable but still gain certain bonuses vs. some armor types. A chart with this info can be found below this section.
-- It is now possible to choose a race mode in the
Quick Setup menu, so players can choose options such as Race Repick while doing the Total Chaos quick setup mode.

-- Repicking a race is now done with a button found on your Race Building for 20 gold. You may repick your race until you build your first tower, or until scouts become ready. Repicking is now also possible in All Random race mode, where the player will get a new random race.
-- The
(?) above the Race Building (used to random) and the (!) above the Shrine (used to upgrade shrine) have been increased in size and made much easier to click on.
-- The maximum number of lives that can be chosen in
Custom Setup is now 30, 40, 50, or 60 (was limited to 30, 40, or 50).
-- Players now have a
Bank Building where they can check gold overflow and purchase lumber. More possibilities may come in future versions.

-- Lumber has been added to the map to purchase the more expensive end game towers and creeps, purchasable at the Bank Building for 500,000 gold. When a player's bank exceeds 3 million gold, 500k will now be transformed into lumber automatically

-- Players now recieve 20 bonus gold for randoming, through the (?) or in All Random race mode.
-- Many of the tooltips in this map have been revamped to be more aesthetic and easily understood.
-- The
Options Menu that was accessed with the Escape key can now be accessed through a button found on the builder.

-- All submenus of the Options Menu for the host and players now have a back button.
-- In the
Same Race game mode, the host may now random the race that everyone will receive.

-- New and improved tower and creep spell casting system should mean the map should be faster and better than ever before (I'm hoping!).
-- New
Anti-Wall features. There are now two possible outcomes if a player walls. One, the players towers will be attacked, and two, the units will be teleported directly to the ship.
-- When the game ends for any reason (host chooses, not enough rematch votes, etc..), a new "Victory" message will be displayed with a timer that counts down until the game will end.

-- The (+Gold) text for killing units is now displayed to everyone in the color or the player who killed the unit.


Chart for the shrine upgrade values:


| Shrine  |     Normal   | Team Income  |   Old Value  |

Level 1 |       3,400  |       5,000  |       3,000  |
Level 2 |      85,000  |     120,000  |      60,000  |
Level 3 |     750,000  |   1,150,000  |     540,000  |
Level 4 |   3,825,000  |   5,400,000  |   3,000,000  |



Chart for the new attack vs. armor ratios:


| Types  | Unarmored Light Medium Heavy Fort Hero Divine  |

| Chaos  |     90     100    100   110   95   85    115   |
| Hero   |    100      95    110   100   90  100    105   |
| Magic  |    110     110    110   110   85   85     85   |
| Normal |    105     100    100    90  100   95     85   |
| Pierce |    100      90     90   120   85  100     95   |
| Siege  |     75      90     90    90  125  115    110   |
| Spells |     80     100    100   100   80  100    100   |


 Global Tower updates/changes:

-- Removed the hotkey for "Sell Tower" so players don't accidentally sell their towers. Selling a tower now also returns 100% of the towers gold cost.
Faerie Fire for towers has had its armor reduction increased to -5 (up from -4) and duration increased to 20 seconds (up from 10).
-- Increased the duration of all towers that use
Slow to 8 seconds (up from 5).
-- All towers that use standard
Bash, from 2% bashes up to 25%, now stun for 2.75 seconds (up from 4 seconds) unless stated otherwise.
Light Canon's chance to Bash has been increased to 10% (up from 5%) and Super Light Canon's bash increased to 12% (up from 7%).
Fusion Canon and Ultra Fusion Canon have had their attack speed and damage increased.
Ultra Fusion Canon and Mega Tower now requires 1 lumber as well as the gold cost.
Snowman Towers have been improved slightly, and there is now a 4th level to upgrade to, the "Super Snowman".
-- There is now a limitation on all specialty towers. The limit is displayed on the tower's tooltip.
-- Specialty tower stock starting values have been altered. Starting towers now come a little later in the game than before, but later towers are now available much faster.

-- Specialty towers no longer have a restock cooldown after they become ready, so when a tower is purchased it will be available again instantly.
-- Stock maximums on almost all specialty towers have been reduced, but their replenish intervals have also been reduced.
Root Tower now entangles units for 5 seconds every 8 seconds (down from 15) and now costs 600 gold (up from 450).
Slow Tower AoE increased to 250 (up from 200), gold cost increased to 1200 (up from 650), and attack speed slightly increased.
Web Towers now have a 1 second cooldown when SuperSpeed game mode is enabled.
Stun Tower modded to have a 100% chance to stun (up from 35%) for 4 seconds every 6 seconds. Gold cost reduced to 1600 (from 1800).
Negation Tower gold cost increased to 4000 and design slightly modified. It will now dispel every 15 seconds, and silence creeps every 10 seconds for 3.5 seconds (instead of a 25% chance).
Death Tower cooldown reduced to 20 seconds.
Lazy Tower gold cost reduced to 18750 (down from 20000), cooldown increased to 5 seconds (up from 3), Area of Effect increased to 450 (down from 400), and will now only affect 5 units.
Greedy Towers no longer give 1000 income per timer, instead they increase the income gained by creeps by 1%.
Teleport Tower's "Telephase" ability cooldown increased to 5 seconds (up from 2).
Mega Tower has been redesigned to have a long ranged attack for 6000 damage with a 500 AoE splash, with a cooldown of 4 seconds. It no longer blows up the entire map every 2 minutes.


 Shrine unit updates/changes:

-- All creeps that cast spells now have an 8 second cooldown on their abilities.

-- Shrines, Race Buildings, and now the Bank have been moved closer to where players build towers.
-- The Level 5 Shrine creeps have had their costs rebalanced. Units now cost a lot more money, and later units will cost lumber as well.
-- Most creeps with hero glow models have had their models changed to similar models without hero glow.
-- Slightly altered some of the creep armor and hit point values.
-- If units get stuck for any reason, there is now script to automatically move them again.
-- If units attack for any reason, as long as their pathing is not blocked they should now stop attacking.
-- Creep stock start delays are now slightly longer for earlier creeps and slightly faster for later creeps.
-- The stock maximum value for all creeps in non-superspeed games has been increased to 10 for all units of every shrine.
-- Stock replenish intervals for all creeps in non-superspeed games now all replenish 1 unit every 10 seconds.
-- Many of the creep spells have had their durations increased by double.
-- Ice Troll's healing wave has been buffed to heal 80 hit points (up from 60), but now reduces the heal 5% each time it bounces.
-- The area of effect heals of Goblin Machines have been nerfed to heal 250 hit points (down from 300).
-- Ogre Lord's ability Ogre Armor now lasts .75 seconds (down from 1 second).
-- Supply tanks have had their Hit Points reduced to 3150 (from 3300) and armor to 6 (down from 8).
-- Ice Shard Golems evasion has been increased to 15% (up from 12%).
-- The area of effect heals of Supply Tanks have been nerfed to heal 550 hit points (down from 900).
-- The area of effect heals of Armored Transports have been nerfed to heal 2000 hit points (down from 2600).
-- Walking Corpse's chance to decrease 100 damage has been increased to 30% up from 20%.
-- Totem Carrier's Devotion Aura now gives 10 bonus armor (up from 6).
-- Unholy Knight's Holy Light has been nerfed to heal 1200 hit points (down from 2000).
-- Duke Wintermaul has been given Holy Light that heals for 2250 hit points.
-- Happy_lil_Troll's healing wave now heals 4500 hit points (down from 8000) and heals 25% less each time it bounces.
*- Centaur now has a 5% chance to stun the attacking tower for 2 seconds.
*- Hydralisk now poisons towers on attack, slowing their attack speeds by 10% for 10 seconds.
*- Stone-Back Tortoise now has an ability that slams the ground stunning all nearby towers for 2 seconds.
-- Alon now provides a devotion aura that gives 15 armor in an area of 750.
-- Marc5002 has been given Holy Light that heals for 5000 hit points.
-- MtL_Killer now curses towers, causing them to miss on attacks 30% of the time for 20 seconds.
-- MastaGoomba now slows tower attack speeds by 40% for 25 seconds.
-- StRoNgFoE now takes 60% less damage from spells and has a 40% chance to block 500 incoming damage.


 Specific race updates/changes:

 Air Sanctuary

 -- Zephyr Tower attack speed very slightly increased.
 -- Aerial Bind cooldown increased from 45 seconds to 1 minute.
 -- Psionic Tower damage increased to 100-175 (up from 100-125).
 -- Storm Mage damage increased to 140-220 (up from 120-145).
 -- Storm Mages Cyclone cooldown reduced to 10 seconds (down from 25), and duration decreased to 3 seconds (down from 5).
 -- Sky Fury Tower damage increased to 190-250 (up from 135-165).
 -- Tempest Caller damage increased to 200-280 (up from 170-215).
 -- Marksman damage increased to 280-375 (up from 260-305).
 -- Air Elementalist damage increased to 400-500 (up from 390-445).
 -- Nimbus has had its attack speed slightly increased.
 -- Fixed the sound sets for towers: Psionic Tower, Sky Fury Tower, Air Elementalist, Hurricane, and Nimbus.

 All That is Evil

 -- Income Theft now reduces each opponents income by 2% of their maximum, and increases the caster's current income by the total number of the amount reduced of each opponent. Also when casted, a sound will play, text will alert players that it was cast, and floating text will appear over the builders with the amount reduced.

 All That is Good
-- Fixed an exploit with the Good Tower.
 -- If a player accidentally builds a Good Tower on the rune, the cooldown will be reset.
 -- Good tower hit point reduction reduced to 20% (down from 30%) and cooldown increased to 3 seconds (up from 2).

 Alter of Gaia
 -- Minuet of the forest has been redesigned. It will now put all enemy creeps to sleep for 10 seconds, but make them invulnerable while they sleep. After the 10 seconds is up, they will explode taking damage equal to 50% of their maximum hit points.

 Aqua Pool
 -- Aqua Summoner renamed to Naga Siren.

 -- Hydra and Hydra Queen now have a "Corrosive Breath" ability that deals 50 damage per second for 4 seconds to a target unit.

 -- Fixed the issue with the Sea Dragon not being able to be upgraded into a Naga Emperor.

 Army Base

-- Sniper Sharp Shooter range increased to 2500 (up from 1600), and the upgrade Expert Sniper range increased to 2800.

 -- Lieutenant tower has been given a cleaving attack that deals 35% attack damage to nearby units.

 Beam Creator
 -- Sattelite Beam has been recoded to give bounty to players when a unit dies under the effect of the ability. Cooldown has been increased to 180 seconds (up from 120).

 Bomb Building
 -- Slightly increased the splash area and range of the Basic Bomb tower.
 -- Slightly increased the damage of the Flaming Bomb to 80-100 (up from 75-95) and attack speed to 2.5 (down from 3.0).
 -- Turret Bombs are now anti-air towers. They now have air splash AoE, but but have lost their ground splash.

 Crystal Castle
 -- The original intent of the Crystal Spike ability has finally been coded into the game. The original idea, and the way this ability works now, is that a crystal spike is casted on a unit, and after 1.25 seconds, it sends out crystal spikes to all units around it. The tooltip stated that this is how the ability worked, but in all functional versions, crystal spikes were launched from the caster when the button was pressed.
 -- Increased the base damage dealt by Crystal Spike for all levels of this ability.
 -- Crystal Cutter has been given a new ability 'Cutter', which deals 100 damage per second to nearby enemy creeps.

 Crystal Catacombs
 -- Crystal Golems have been given the teleport ability to quickly teleport to an allied structure.
 -- The number of golems summoned for Crystal Golem has been increased to 2 golems for levels 3 and 4, and 3 golems for level 5.

  Demonic Empire
 -- The gambling damage of Dragon's Lair has been increased to 80-450 (up from 80-300) and attack speed slightly increased, but range decreased to 1500 (down from 2600).

 Devil's Lair
 -- A sound will play when Devil's Curse has been cast, and all players will be alerted with text that it's been cast.
 -- All towers for this race have had their attack speeds slightly increased.

 Earth Gate
 -- Recoded Erratic Entangle; if it doesn't find a nearby unit, then the effect is no longer cancelled and will continue when a unit comes in range of the last entangled unit. If it does find a unit, roots now last 10 seconds (up from 6).

 -- Gaia now has a 10% chance to critical strike, dealing 25% more damage on attacks.

 Fungus Haven

 -- Many of the towers have been improved for this race, making it more effective early-mid game.

 God's Lair
 -- God's Wrath can now be cast from infinite range, and can bounce to enemy units anywhere on the map (instead of close by units).

 Gladius Arena
 -- Cheer now increases tower attack damage by 110% (up from 100%).

  Golem Mound
 -- Shattered Earth now stuns all enemy units on the map for 10 seconds.

  Gravity Generator
 -- Implode cooldown reduced to 80 seconds (down from 140).
 -- The Slow ability used by Gravity's Pull, has had its cooldown decreased to 10 seconds (down from 15), and lasts 5 seconds (down from 6), and slows by 10% (down from 20%).
 -- Black Hole, Black Quasar, and Nebula have had their attack speed's increased significantly but overall splash damage reduced. Quaser has also been given 100 more damage.
 -- Gravity Bomber has had it's variable damage changed to 20-250 (up from 1-180) and attack speed reduced to 1.8 seconds (down from 2.5).
 -- Increased the attack damage of the Nebula tower to 850-1200 (up from 850-1000) and range increased to 800 (up from 750).

 Halls of Mystery
 -- If more than one player on a team has a Mystery Builder, then the 2% income gain no longer stacks.

 Haunted Graveyard
 -- Aura of Undeath now heals friendly units Hit Points for 2% every second (up from 1%).

 Heaven Portal
 -- Eternal Triumph has been renamed to 'Endless Sanctity'. The function is the same, healing all shrine unit hit points.
 -- A sound will play when Endless Sanctity has been cast, and all players will be alerted with text that it's been cast.
 -- The way the Gate Keeper works has been slightly altered. Attack speed increased and now slows 5 nearby units by 30% (used to be all units, very slow attack speed) every 6 seconds.
 -- Noah's stampede damage has been slightly reduced for all summons, lizards - 200 (from 350), bears - 450 (from 600), birds - 700 (from 1000). Also, the collision radius has been reduced for all animals.

 Hero Hall
 -- Level up has been improved to increase attack speed by 500% and attack damage by 300% (up from 200%) and last 40 seconds (up from 30).

  Ice Freezer
 -- Icicle Tossers and Icicle Shooters no longer have a frost attack to slow enemy units.
 -- Water Sprayer has been revamped. The attack's no longer freeze an enemy unit, instead attack cooldown has been reduced significantly and it now attacks like a normal tower. The tower still freezes units, now via a spell, for 3 seconds every 6 seconds.

 Lincoln Financial Field
 -- Fixed a bug with Interception teleporting dead units. If a unit has been teleported, it cannot be teleported again. Also, it now teleports units back and forth between left and right spawns (instead of a random spawning point).

 Lunar Lookout
 -- Call the Night damage bonus has been increased to 75% (up from 60%).

 Newbie Hall
 -- Reduced the area of effect of Noob Tactics to 600 (down from 800).
 -- The cooldown of Noob Tactics has been drastically decreased to 100 seconds (down from 210 seconds).

 Night Elf Sentinels

-- Archer and Master Archer attack speeds slightly increased and have been given the Critical Strike ability (10% chance to deal 25% more damage on an attack).
 -- Druid of the Talon has been given the Faerie Fire ability.
 -- Warden's attack damage increased by 400, and attack speed slightly increased. She has also been given the slow poison ability.
 -- The Warden's ability "Blade Flurry" cooldown has been reduced to 12 seconds(down from 35), but now only targets 8 units (instead of all nearby units), and damage has been reduced to 1200 (down from 1500).

 Poison Pool
 -- Envenomed Spike Tower's damage and attack speeds slightly increased.
 -- Poison Nova's damage on all levels has been increased significantly.
 -- Poison Elemental and Toxic Elemental have been given a small attack speed increase.
 -- Poison Spire and Deadly Spire have been given small splash damage.
 -- Fixed an issue where Deadly Spire's upgrade into Grave Markers, which should have been Venomous Beast.

 Power Plant

    -- Electrify has been reworked slightly to be more effective.

    -- Shock Tower’s attack cooldown decreased to 0.60 (down from 1.20).

    -- Chain Lightning Blasters can now upgrade into either a Thunder Rod or a Battery (instead of just a Thunder Rod).

 -- Storm Cloud number of targets hit reduced to 3 (down from 7) and Thunder Clouds number of targets hit reduced to 5 (down from 10).
 -- A new method for upgrading tower abilities on the Wind Powered Generator has finally been implemented. This means that upgrades will not carry over after rematch.

 -- The Wind Powered Generator can now be sold in the event a player builds it somewhere he didn’t want to.

 Sheep Labs
 -- If the Sheep King is numbered into a control group and then converted into a tower, it will now keep your control group when converting back into builder form. Also, the sheep king tower form can be numbered to a different control group, and it will be saved between conversions.
 -- A new method for upgrading tower abilities on the Sheep King has finally been implemented. This means that upgrades will not carry over after rematch.
 -- Greatly increased the cost of sheep tower upgrades from previous versions.

 Solar Observatory
 -- Solar Strike now affects air units as well as ground units.

 -- Solar Mirror cost reduced to 25 gold (down from 30), damage slightly reduced, and attack speed slightly increased.

 -- The upgrade to a Solar Reflector has also recieved an attack speed increase.
 -- Fire Shower for The Sun and Solar Eclipse cooldown decreased to 15 seconds (down from 30).
 -- The attack speed upgrade that affected all solar towers, that was offered on The Sun tower, has been removed from the game.

 Soul Reaver Portal
 -- Vae Victus has been revamped. It will now autocast itself, killing a random creep within 2500 range instantly every 10 seconds. Also, the text "Vae Victus!" now appears over the builder instead of "TKO!" over the dying creep, and a graphic has been added for the projectile itself.

  -- Moebius, Vorador, and Janos Audron starting towers attack damage, speed, and splash increased.

 -- Raziel Air Reaver (Charged) Cyclone cooldown reduced to 8 seconds (down from 15), and duration decreased to 3 seconds (down from 6).
 -- The cooldown of TK Blast has been reduced to 8 seconds (down from 15), and stun duration reduced to 1.25 seconds (down from 2) for all towers that use this ability.
 -- Raziel's Shattering Earth ability cooldown reduced to 8 seconds (down from 15) and damage increased to 150 (up from 85).

 Space Station
 -- Space Station Immolation improved. Burning damage is now applied every .25 seconds and the Area of Effect has almost been doubled.
 -- The Slow ability used by Insane Gravity, has had its cooldown decreased to 10 seconds (down from 15), and lasts 5 seconds (down from 6), and slows by 10% (down from 20%).
 -- The AoE 1% Hit Point reduction of a group of units has been created into the form of a spell, with a cooldown of 6 seconds, the reduction bumped up to 2%, and can now only target 5 max units.
 -- Damage done by Engulf on The Void has been increased to 500 per second (up from 400).

 Stone Sanctuary
 -- The range of the Boulder ability now improves with levels.
 -- Paralyzer Bash redesigned to have a 60% chance to stun (up from 30%), deal 120 bonus damage (up from 50), and stun for 2 seconds (down from 3).
 -- Rock Golem and Slate Golems have had their "Smash" ability cooldown reduced to 10 seconds (down from 15).
 -- Increased the damage and attack speed of the Rusty Catapult tower. Damage was increased to 1025-1075 (up from 825-875), and speed to 1.20 (down from 1.45).
 -- Landslide has been given a lot more damage and area of effect, but a much slower attack speed. In addition, his chance to Bash has been increased to 30% (up from 5%).

 Tech Center

-- Enhanced Arrow Tower attack speed increased to 0.60 seconds (up from 0.40).

 -- Sniper Post attack range increased to 2000 (up from 1600).

 -- The V2 and V3 rocket launchers have had their damage and area of effect splash increased.
 -- Reduced the range of the V1 Grenade launcher to 1200 (down from 2200) but slightly increased its damage.
 -- Rapid Fire cooldown increased to 75 seconds (up from 50) and attack speed increase decreased to 600% (down from 1000%).

 Time for Breakfast
 -- If the Breakfast Chef is numbered into a control group and then converted into the Store Owner, it will now keep your control group when converting back into the Breakfast Chef.
Also, the Store Owner can be numbered to a different control group, and it will be saved between conversions.
 -- Oatmeal tower splash, attack speed, and damage slightly increased.

 -- Cereal With Milk tower splash area slightly increased.

 -- Toast tower splash area and attack speed slightly increased.

 -- Toasted Egg sandwich attack speed and splash slightly increased.

 --  B.L.T. attack speed increased significantly.

 -- Increased the damage and attack speeds of all ingredient towers built by the Store Owner.

 -- Store Keeper no longer has an inventory, meaning he cannot purchase, hold, or use items.

 Tree Spiritkeeper
 -- Many of the towers of this race have recieved attack speed increases.
 -- Lost in the Woods now slows units by 15% (down from 16%) and the AoE has been increased to 2000 (up from 1500).
 -- The Overgrown Spike Plants ability "Spike Flurry" cooldown has been reduced to 10 seconds(down from 30), but now only targets 5 units (instead of all nearby units), and damage has been reduced to 250 (down from 800).

 Video Game Castle

-- The Extra Life ability now has a 90 second cooldown (up from 60). Also when it is casted, it will play the 1-up sound from Super Mario Brothers.
 -- Extra Life cooldown reduced to 60 seconds (down from 80).
 -- Simon Belmont's attack damage slightly increased.
 -- Donkey Kong's attack speed has been greatly reduced but attack damage has been reduced to 180 (down from 220).

 -- Cloud Strife’s Omnislash now has a cooldown of 15 seconds (down from 30), lasts 6 seconds (down from 20), and increases attack speed by 250% (up from 200%).

 Warrior Strongholde
 -- Battle Aura's damage has been increased to 18% (up from 15%).
 -- Attack Speeds for many of the towers of this race have been increased significantly.


 Bug Fixes:

-- Too many bug fixes and changes to list. Just know that this version is by far my most stable.