WMW TE v5.0 Beta-Z.05

Auto-Hosting Information


The purpose of this release is to make it possible for autohost programs to input HCL commands to set up the game, since it is impossible for autohost programs to select the necessary options through the GUI menu that pops up at the start of the game. I have added Team Income to the mix because it is now possible to select this through Quick Setup in the GUI.


The command is limited to 2-3 characters, anything beyond that will be ignored. Simply type them in the correct sequence or the game will think you are entering invalid modes.



Character 1: Game Mode

c - Classic WMW

u - Ultra Speed

t - Total Chaos

e - Elite Mode


Character 2: Race Mode (Optional)

a - Allrandom

s - Same Race

r - Race Repick


Character 2 or 3: Team Income (Optional)

i - Enable Team Income





Simply type each character in the sequence above. The first character MUST be used, and it MUST be a Game Mode or the entire command is invalidated. The second two are optional. If no Race Mode is entered, then Team Income can be used as the second character. Race Mode and Team Income can NOT be interchanged, meaning Race Mode cannot be used as the third character.



u   - Ultra Speed

tri - Total Chaos, Race Repick, Team Income

cs  - Classic WMW, Same Race

e   - Elite Mode

uai - Ultra Speed, Allrandom, Team Income

Completely Safe:
If improper commands are used, the game will default to Total Chaos / Normal Race Mode. The reason I have done this instead of just defaulting to GUI menu is because I want the autohost to still have control over setting the game modes, even if the modes are invalid. This takes away the players control over game options, and won’t put a menu in their face if they weren’t expecting to have to configure the game’s options.