NES Emulation Tutorial v1.1 - (517.06 KB)
This tutorial will teach you how to get started with getting the NES emulated on your computer. This guide is old and fairly short but is thorough enough that you shouldn't have any problems understanding it. The result, classic gaming nostalgia.
Nintendo 64 Emulation Tutorial - (804.49 KB)
This is my awesome Nintendo 64 emulation tutorial that explains how to play Nintendo 64 on your computer with absolutely no prior emulation knowledge necessary. This in-depth document explains the basics of N64 emulation to some of the more advanced features - everything from explaining to what N64 emulators and ROMs are, setting up Project64 for the first time, correctly installing and setting up plugins, and even configuring a controller with an attached controller pak. If you are new to the world of emulation and want to learn how to play Nintendo 64 on your computer, then this is the place to start! I have completely redesigned and perfected the tutorial with a format that displays nicely on almost any resolution, added even more information to it, and can now consider it to be my final revision and the best Nintendo 64 emulation tutorial on the web.
GoodN64 + GoodGUI ROM Checking Tutorial - (503.29 KB)
Ever wonder how to use GoodN64 to rename your ROMs? Well look no further, for this tutorial will teach you how to setup and configure GoodGUI to use GoodN64 and any other GoodTool created by Cowering so you know whether or not your ROMs are good dumps [!]. It goes in-depth on various ROM information, the various tags that GoodN64 uses when renaming ROMs, and even renaming your ROMs to load correctly off of CDs, X-Box, or Dreamcast.
Installing Plugins / Gathering Jabo's Plugins (Plugin Pack ReadMe)
This is the readme file included with the N64 Plugins Pack. There is some good information in this document, so I decided to also have a link to it here. It has a list of all the graphics plugins used in the N64 Configuration List and a short description of each. It also includes instructions on how to install the plugins and any DLL files that the plugins require. Last there is a step-by-step guide on how to gather the various Jabo plugins so that you can use them in other emulators.
Explanation of N64 Graphics Plugin Configuration Settings
Although this is not a tutorial, I figured it would be a good idea to post this here. This document attempts to briefly explain what each setting does in the N64 graphics plugins when you enter the configuration window through the emulator. Every setting is explained for Jabo's Direct3D, Rice's Video, Glide64, z64, and a few others. There is also additional information on how to configure the z64 plugin at the end of the document. If you want an offline version of this document, it is included in the download of the N64 plugins pack.
Wiimote in Windows - (1.65 MB)
Ever wanted to use your Wiimote on your PC but didn't know how or where to begin? This tutorial lets you know everything you need to get started, and walks you through the entire process. You can use the Wiimote as a controller, by itself or using the various extenstions such as the Nunchuk or the Classic Controller. You can even hook up a Wii guitar and use it in the PC version of Guitar Hero III or games like Rock Band on PCSX2. The Wiimote can also be a mouse, or even a remote control for your media players. If you already know what you're doing, then check out my scripts on the Downloads page.
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x360ce + Wii Classic Controller Setup Guide
An extension of the above tutorial that teaches how to use x360ce controller emulator to work with a Wiimote Classic Controller using GlovePIE and PPJoy. This allows the Classic Controller to be used in modern PC games as an Xbox 360 controller.