So you're going to need a few things, and I'm not going to offer links to most of it.

- Auto Injectuwad Injector v3 (Grab it Here)
- Hex Editor (I use HxD)
- common-key.bin
- N64 Zelda: Ocarina of Time v1.0 or v1.1 N64 ROM file
- Wii Zelda: Ocarina of Time VC WAD file

The common-key.bin file and ROMs can not be legally distributed. The common key can be generated with MakeKeyBin.exe which comes with WiiScrubber. I'm uncertain of the legality of this, but I don't care because I am not linking to it either.
V1.0 or V1.1 in Dolphin
During the Nintendo 64 years, a revolutionary title was released that changed video games forever. Okay, maybe not everyone would agree with this, but in my opinion it was a truly epic game that deserves to be remembered as such. The game I am talking about of course is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. During the course of its life on the N64, there were 2 major revisions that changed some things in the game. In short, v1.1 fixed some stuff, and v1.2 fixed a few other things while also censoring the Islamic chants in the Fire Temple music and changing Ganondorf's blood to green so it looks like vomit.

More info can be found at the sites below:
The Cutting Room Floor
Zelda Speed Runs

The goal of this page is to offer instructions on how to play v1.0 and v1.1 on Dolphin emulator by injecting the N64 ROM into the VC WAD file of Ocarina of Time. The VC version of OoT is of course v1.2 with a few modifications that fortunately (and in some cases, unfortunately) persist after the ROM is injected. I grew up with v1.0, so this is the version I remember from my childhood.
After gathering all the necessary ingredients, there is a bit of prep work involved.

- Unzip AutoInjectuwadInjectorV3 to some location.
- Copy common-key.bin to the program folder.
- Copy both Zelda OoT ROM and WAD to the program folder.
- Rename them both to just "zelda" so you have zelda.z64 and zelda.wad.

Renaming the ROM and WAD is important for the reason that the program does not like spaces, dashes, and maybe even underscores. I don't know all the characters it doesn't like, so let's keep it simple. We can always rename the files later on to whatever we want.

Dolphin does not seem to like the change, or it's confused by it for some reason. The GameID listed in the properties bar differs from the one found on the Info tab, and neither of them are what we put in (NACE01). So if we were going to use a texture pack, which one do we use?

The one found on the info tab seems to be the correct one, NYBX01. So this is what we will name the texture pack folder to, or the 3 letter equivalent (NYB). Again, this will be different every single time. There were a few cases where the two Game IDs match up, but they never appear as NACE01 in Dolphin. I'm thinking maybe I missed a value somewhere, but I could not find them in the hex editor.

Somewhere in the new WAD is the randomly generated Game ID. For me, this was found at 00000E90. The values 4E 55 51 56 represent NUQV. This is what needs to be changed, and it will most likely be different for you.
Since the original VC Ocarina of Time uses NACE, let's use that (or 4E 41 43 45).

Open up the program, and perform the steps below.

- From the Navigation bar, set Console Mode to N64.
- Highlight both zelda.z64 and zelda.wad.
- Type a name for the new WAD into "Custom Injected Channel Title".
- Press "Start!"

Immediately after a batch window will pop up and do a bunch of stuff. When it's done, you are done (almost). The WAD file has been created with the new ROM, which can be found in the program folder. Using the name I entered above, the file name will look like: VC-Zelda OoT v1.0 in zelda.wad

This new WAD will technically work in Dolphin, but there's an issue. For some reason, the game is given a random PAL ID (I think?) so it gets locked to 50 V/Is instead of 60. This will not have the same effect as a PAL ROM, rather than just a reduction in game speed like the PAL version, it will cause music to skip constantly. This can be fixed with a hex editor.

So far so good. Looks like the custom textures are loading and the game is working in Dolphin. But are we certain this is the correct version of the game? Did injecting the ROM actually work?
After v1.1, the "N" logo was updated to be darker and more reflective. This is what it looks like in the official VC release.
But in v1.0, the "N" was brighter and not as detailed. Looks like it worked! And we're getting 60 VPS!

In conclusion, this seems to work. Whether it works well enough for the game to be playable from start to finish remains to be seen. I immediately noticed certain elements that appear exclusively in the VC release remain such as the blue/green button textures (instead of red/green on N64), as well as the moon symbols that were replaced with the Gerudo symbols on the Gamecube and VC versions. I can only assume that parts of the WAD file patch the game when you load it. If I notice anything else, or find out this doesn't work from start to finish, I'll update this page with new info or delete it altogether.


This section was not in the original guide, but I wanted to put this here just to inform users that there are game enhancing cheats available for the Ocarina of Time / Master Quest 2-Disc Set and the Zelda: Collector's Edition versions. These cheats offer features such as 30 FPS, extended draw distance, and widescreen support. These cheats are not available for the Virtual Console versions of the game, let alone a hacked version that this guide explains how to create. It's not that these cheats could not be ported, it's that nobody has done it (yet). If anyone wants to port these cheats to the injected v1.0 and v1.1, please do and let me know!