Bionis Leg (Updated: 5/14/14)

Colony 6 (Updated: 5/10/14)

Ether Mine (Updated: 5/15/14)

Satorl Marsh (Updated: 5/7/14)

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Makna Forest (Updated: 5/9/14)

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Frontier Village (Updated: 4/6/2014)

These maps are now included in the latest texture pack, so this page still exists purely for nostalgia.

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Eryth Sea

Comparison Shots: Link A - Link B
The version of the map below is an alternate version with the fill removed. To use it instead, remove _ALT from the filename.
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Alcamoth (Updated: 5/9/14)
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High Entia Tomb

Prison Island (First Encounter)

Valak Mountain (Updated: 5-10-2014)
Comparison Shots: Link A - Link B
Status: DONE. And finally, the remake I've had planned for over a month.
Status: DONE. The final version! I didn't like the old map so it was remade. This one is much nicer looking and more accurate as well.
Status: DONE. The Ether Mine was the first map I started using anti-aliasing in path strokes and starting manually adding curvature to borders, instead of just connected straight lines. I also began to draw water edges with paths instead of free hand which made it look much better. The bottom levels are untested, so there may be inaccuracies.
Status: DONE. I took a really long time on this one. Even after it was finished, many of the areas were revised over and over again. I ran along all the puddle paths to make sure they were perfect, and this is the first map I started adding my own details. The update fixed up the area around Sororal Statues, and bridges around Lacus Swamp and Zaldania Waterfall. The second update fixed a color issue with the ground along the southern border of the pond at Lacus Swamp (it was completely transparent).
Status: DONE. This one was really hard to do. I'm OCD when it comes to accuracy, and this is the first default map in the game to be terribly inaccurate. Most of the time spent on this one was making the bridges on the east side, I made sure every one of them matched up with the minimap cursor. I'm mostly happy with it, but I eventually want to run through it one more time to make absolutely sure everything lines up correctly. The update fixed the accuracy of Bridges 1-3, some water edges along the darkest borders, and a few cliffs. It's still not perfect, but I'm not fixing it any further than this.
Status: DONE. I really hated doing this one. It was really easy, but being there is 10 layers to this place, it felt like it took forever to finish. Everything seems to line up perfectly, so it is complete. The update fixed the peninsula shape on the highest level.
Status: DONE. I thought Makna Forest was bad, then I came to this one. The little islands were very inaccurate, I eventually used the Dolphin free look camera to take overhead shots of them to make sure I got them perfect. The yellow lines that connect the transporters cannot be modified, so accuracy came at the cost of them not lining up 100% perfect. I also used the free look camera to get in-game, HD textures for Alcamoth and Prison Island. There are two versions, one has the inner borders filled in, the alternative is without the fill. I'm starting to like the no-fill version a little better, what do you think? -
Status: DONE. After the Hell that was Eryth Sea, this one was really refreshing. Because it's symmetrical, only half the map for the lower levels had to me made - then mirrored. I also added some details that were not in the normal maps in the 2 lower levels. The update was an attempt to somewhat fix the circular edges on the middle floor. Far from perfect, but it looks much better than before.
Status: DONE. Another really easy map. This one has a peculiar issue, even on the default map. The cursor position on the map differs from it's location on the minimap. The developers chose to make the main map more accurate, I chose the minimap because it's always visible. If you really prefer a more accurate map, edit the images and shift everything to the right by 10 pixels.
Status: DONE. Small easy map. Done in an afternoon. 'Nuff said.
Status: DONE. OMG this map was a nightmare. I spent about 3 afternoons and two weekend mornings on it. The default map's accuracy I'd rate around 65-75%, and there are so many narrow paths and bridges (and I hate narrow paths and bridges). Readability was my primary concern, for the first time accuracy took a back door (although it is still about 98% accurate). The only area that may be noticeably inaccurate is the cliffs with water below the Bionis' Right Elbow, because I wanted it to somewhat make sense that there is 4 levels of cliff there (which is pretty impossible to do on a 2D surface). I also added a ton of borders to places that had none, used more levels of shading for the ground and borders, and fixed border accuracy literally everywhere. The update fixed a few small details on both levels, and a missing cliff border on the lower level. I'm pretty happy with it now. The second update fixed the circular area on the bottom layer in the north-east corner (the room with a lava circle).

Sword Valley
Comparison Shot: Link A  Development Shots: Link B - Link C
Status: DONE. I could go on and on like I usually do about how blah blah this map drove me to the threshold of madness, but honestly, as long as it took it was actually kind of fun to do until I got to the end and had to color in the ramps. Gradients in ramps I paint by hand, pixel by pixel to ensure they have a nice meld and this map has a lot of ramps. I did not create every detail accurately, I tried to get a good balance between accuracy and aesthetics. This map had an extreme amount of details, and the original map fails to capture a lot of it. I failed to create some things the way I envisioned them in my head, but overall I'm satisfied with the final result. I'm hoping this ends up being the most difficult map in the game and that it's going to be easier from here on, but that's probably wishful thinking. The Fallen Arm looks like it may top this one but I won't know til I get there and start drawing stuff.

Galahad Fortress
Status: DONE. This area wasn't bad at all. Nice small easy maps that didn't take long to make. I added one small detail to B1F - the water area below the Piston Control Room. Other than that, not much to say about this place.

Fallen Arm
Status: DONE. I thought mapping this place was going to be a lot worse than it was. I spoke a lot about it on the Dolphin Forums, so if you really want to know my thoughts on it and anything else then follow to this post.
Comparison Shot: Link A

Mechonis Field
Status: DONE. After an extremely long delay, many distractions, and a long battle with Murphy's Law... it's finished!
Comparison Shots: Link A - Link B

Central Factory (Updated: 5/9/14)
Status: DONE. Making this map was quite enjoyable pretty much the whole way through. There were a number of inaccuracies that I had to correct but nothing too bad... until I got to the top floor. I didn't quite achieve the level of accuracy I usually aim for, my patience in getting it finished was wearing thin. It's still way beyond the original map, but not quite what I usually try to put out. The update fixed some missing (almost unnoticeable) gradients for ramps on the top floor.
Comparison Shots: Link A - Link B - Link C - Link D

Mechonis Core
Status: DONE. This was the hardest map I ever had to work on. If I ever have to do one like this again, I'll most likely give up.

Status: DONE. Don't really have much to say about this one. It was pretty easy and I managed to finish it much faster than most  maps.
Comparison Shots: Link A - Link B
Comparison Shot: Link
Bionis' Interior

Comparison Shots: Link A - Link B - Link C
Status: DONE. This one is definitely more accurate than the normal map, but also has some intentional inaccuracies as well. You may notice that every platform is a perfect circle. Most of the platforms in the game are not perfect circles, but they are close enough that most of the edges line up. I chose this route for 2 reasons: One, it looks nicer. Two, it was easier to do. The same thing was done for the heart on the top floor, it is not a perfect circle but I made it that way anyway. Again, this looks nicer and it is close enough that you really have to get up on the wall to even notice.

Prison Island (Second Encounter)
Status: DONE. THE FINAL MAPS!!! It should be worth noting that the 4th and 7th floor share the same map IDs as the first encounter.