PC Tomb Raider (1996)
Multi-Patch v1.1 for GOG and Steam Versions

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I have put together a compilation of all the best patches for Tomb Raider GOG or Steam version in one automated installer. I have recently given this game another playthrough after four years, and I can honestly say it's up there in the list of best game ever made. So, I wanted to do a little something since I seen a lot of people on different boards wanting to do exactly what this patcher aims to accomplish. It is not meant to compete with gidierre's installer, but rather offer an alternative for those who prefer to modify their original installation folder.


Included Patches:
- Unfinished Business
- PSX audio tracks (by Peter Connelly) -OR-
- Remastered audio tracks (by Tomekkobialka)
- Final Secret Fix (by Suikaze Raider)
- nGlide v1.04 (for high resolution)
- tomb.exe for audio tracks (from gidierre's installer)

While it is not nearly as full featured as gidierre's installer, this should hopefully help those who do not want an additional Tomb Raider installation folder on their hard drive.

Install Path (Updated in v1.1)
This patcher will first check the registry for the current install path by searching for the uninstaller's "InstallPath" value. If it cannot find the path, it will fall back to either of the below depending on the version selected. If either is of these is still incorrect, the user will have to manually edit the path to the game's installation directory.

C:\GOG Games\Tomb Raider 1+2+3
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Tomb Raider (I)

Shortcut to Unfinished Business
When the installer is finished, a shortcut to Unfinished Business will be created on the desktop, and within the installation folder itself. Steam users who wish to launch it through a game profile will need to take additional steps (url below). I should also mention that if the shortcut fails to be created, a prompt will appear for the user to manually enter the path to where they have the game installed. If that fails, "TR_UBShortcut.bat" can be found and edited in the installation folder. Starting on line 26, any of these paths can be edited to the correct path. Simply run the batch after entry.

PSX/Remastered Audio Tracks
I have taken a slightly different approach to the PSX/Remastered audio tracks. Rather than try to modify the GOG/Steam CD image or include one myself, the audio tracks have been ripped into 320kbps MP3's and are referenced by the GAME.DAT (cue) file. There was one oddity to this: some tracks ended up with 2 seconds of silence which I edited out with Audacity/mp3splt, so all tracks should line up perfectly with the game (I compared them to the original and they appear to be perfect in length). Finally, I used the tomb.exe from gidierre's installer so the tracks actually work. This installer will also clean up the now unused audio tracks laying around in the installation folder.

Final Secret Fix
The "Final Secret Fix" is applied to the GOG or Steam version of the discs (which is GAME.GOG). This is done automatically with a batch file ran by the installer, the command line based PPF patcher ApplyPPF3.exe, and the PPF patch by Suikaze Raider. After the patch is applied, these files are automatically removed.

nGlide v1.04
The wrapper nGlide will now be used as default. This replaces the "glide2x.dll" file in the installation directory, and places the configurator there as well. When the patch is finished installing, a checkbox can launch it so it can be configured before playing.

FMV Screen Resolution
Another batch file ran by the installer attempts to modify fullscreen resolution in the dosboxTR.conf file (and dosboxTR_UB.conf in the Steam version) to match the monitor's current resolution. The purpose of this is so FMV resolution matches the game resolution set by nGlide. This should work on the vast majority of graphics cards, but it may fail on some integrated cards. Worst case scenario, the value may have to be edited manually. This batch file is also deleted after execution whether it succeeds or not.

There is no uninstaller, so after the patch is installed, there is currently no going back short of reinstalling the game. I may try to implement uninstallation that reverts the game back to it's original state, but I can't make any guarantees. So the only way to uninstall these patches is...

GOG: Uninstall and reinstall the game.
Steam: Right click Tomb Raider I in Steam library, select Properties, Local Files tab, Verify Integrity of Game Cache. You may need to delete the modified files (GAME.DAT, tomb.EXE, glide2x.dll) for this to take effect.

Well I think that's everything, enjoy!