Super Mario Land... In Color!
Current Version: v0.99 - Download

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play Super Mario Land for the Game Boy in color? Well, now you can! Thanks to the emulator Game Boy Enhanced by Shonumi, it is possible to load custom sprites into your games to make them whatever color you want! When I found out about this, I couldn't resist recoloring the entire game. There are some limitations to what can be recolored such as a single color background, and GBE seems to have trouble getting the depth correct for custom sprites. Other than that, the result speaks for itself!

How can I play this in color?

- Download Game Boy Enhanced v1.0
- Download my Super Mario Land Colored pack
- Copy both BG and Sprites from the pack into the emulator's "Load" folder
- Edit gbe.ini with Notepad++, set Custom sprite transparency to 65280
- Drag your Super Mario Land ROM onto gbe.exe to load the game in color!

This pack may not work with future versions of GBE, so when the time comes I'll update it. The screenshots below highlight the potential that this emulator has. I only show World 1, but the entire game has been recolored. If you want to see more, then you will have to play it! Currently, the dissolve effect when defeating Tatanga is not recolored. Dumping these backgrounds is quite a pain, when I get them finished I'll update the pack to v1.0.