HD Texture Pack v8.3


1.) Extract the entire package from the .7z to an easy to access location (such as your desktop).

2.) Now is the best time to install optional textures. These texture can be found in the -Optional Textures- folder.
- Every optional folder name starts with [Header], and contains a sub-folder with the same name as Header.
- The folder that shares the name [Header] is what you copy into the main texture pack folder to install the optional texture.
- Within each folder there is usually a ReadMe that tells how to install that texture and a preview/screenshot.

4.) Copy/Paste the entire SX4 folder into Documents\Dolphin Emulator\Load\Textures\
- Users using  "portable mode" Copy/Paste to Dolphin Folder\User\Load\Textures\

5.) Configure Dolphin to load custom textures.
Open Dolphin > Graphics Settings
Advanced Tab > Check Load Custom Textures

6.) Load the game and play!
30-FPS for Europe Version

A patch is no longer needed with the latest versions of Dolphin!

Dolphin >> Config >> Wii Tab >> Check Use PAL60 Mode (EuRGB60)

"Xenoblade Chronicles" is the Intellectual Property of Monolith Soft.


- DDS packs are now compressed with BC7 and require Dolphin 5.0-4894 or later.
- All compatible textures now work for all 3 versions of the game and in any language.

Example: [Armor] Dunban Eyepatches >> Copy the Amor folder into SX4, overwrite any files.
Example: [Affinity] Echoes Affinity Icons >> Copy the Affinity folder into SX4, overwrite any files.
Example: [StrapLoader] Melia and Riki >> Copy the StrapLoader folder into SX4, overwrite any files.

Tip: It's much easier to do this with two windows open: the texture pack contents, and the current optional folder.
There is a shortcut to quickly open a new window: In the current window go to File > Open New Window.