Some other stuff and personal projects not directly related to emulation....

Custom Texture Tool PS
This is a PowerShell script with a GUI that can help manage and convert custom texture packs for games. While it was originally designed to work exclusively with Dolphin texture packs, it has been extended to work with any texture packs, including those created for PC games. It has far too many functions to explain here, click the link above to learn more.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel - HD Texture Pack for PC
It mostly targets the UI and font textures. Visit the link to read more and comment if you like/hate it.

Xenoblade Chronicles - HD Texture Pack for Dolphin Emulator
This is an HD Texture Pack for the Nintendo Wii game Xenoblade Chronicles. Although I am not the one who started this project, I am now the one officially maintaining it. I, along with the efforts of Echoes, frozenwings, and narcku, (and many others before us), have worked very hard to bring the pack to a new level. You can read all about it on the Dolphin forums!

Super Mario Land... In Color!
When I found the emulator Game Boy Enhanced, I couldn't resist recoloring this game. Check the project page for more details.

Ocarina of Time v1.0 and v1.1 on Dolphin
I don't really care for v1.2 because of the censored Fire Temple music and Ganondorf's green puke. So I found a way to relive my childhood my way.

PC Tomb Raider (1996) Multi-Patch for GOG and Steam versions
This is a patch that I made that contains many of the various Tomb Raider patches. For more information click on the link above!

The Super Secret Glitch in Sonic & Knuckles
Ever want even more blue sphere stages? After over 20 years I share a locked-on cartridge glitch I discovered in Sonic & Knuckles.

Game Secrets and Glitches
This page has a few of my favorite video game glitches that can be used just for fun, to exploit certain games, or just have neat effects. It has very few games on it so far and is a pain to read through, someday I hope to add more games and make a navigation menu for all the games I put on it.

WMW Tournament Edition
This was the biggest project I ever worked on, mostly because it had a complex design and I worked on it solely. This is a WarCraft III custom map that I adapted based on the popular Wintermaul Wars maps. WMW had 100's of versions from dozens of designers, this version started as a collaberation of everyone's different races and a whole slew of options to choose from to customize the gameplay elements to the host's desires. I worked on the map on and off for 3 years, and I have finally put it to rest leaving my final version still in (beta) stages. Even so, it's still stable enough for serious matches. If anyone wants to continue this map, email me.

USB Powered Wiimote + Sensor Bar
This is a project of mine that involved running my wiimotes from a USB power source and creating a USB powered sensor bar. It's over on the Dolphin forums if you want to check it out. I also have a tutorial on this site titled Wiimote for Windows that has a section of how you can build your own.

Salvaging a Multi-Meter
I'm not one who can stand to see good electronics go to waste. So when my friend left this poor little guy out in the rain, I decided to give it some surgery and life support.

Rebuilding a Guitar Hero Guitar
This is just a project where I transformed a wireless PS2 guitar into a wired guitar using the guts of a PS2 controller.

How to See Stereograms
A short tutorial I wrote up on how to see the "Magic Eye" pictures. Because I failed to teach my friends how to see them through verbal explanation, I decided to create a tutorial that will hopefully teach anyone how to see these.

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