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Comment: The Death of Firemaul Wars: The Aftermath
Date Posted: 2/1/14

I wanted to make sure that I finally address this since it's been almost a year since I updated my StarCraft 2 map. I won't lie, I became bored with it for a long time. It was a rather tedious process to create towers that consumed a lot of time. There was a lot of experimentation to achieve the visual effects: exporting and editing models with 3DS Max, missile graphics/speed, spell effects, etc.. It also took a long time to achieve a good feeling of balance with each race, create autocast spells they may have, all kinds of factors that could gobble an entire week with very little progress. So I decided to step away from it for awhile, but around August 2013, I was going to go back and work on it. I was actually excited for it, I had all kinds of new ideas. That was until Blizzard ruined the editor in patch 2.0.10. The SC2 editor is already a monstrosity, it's hard to work with and keep track of everything you are doing in Data. Then they made it even worse because for some unknown, illogical, (insert asinine adjectives here), unexplained reason they decided to stop showing relationships between a lot of the different data fields. It's a lot easier to just show a screenshot here. That is a Firebat, and as you can see a lot can go into a Firebat. The change in the editor stopped showing almost half of what makes up that firebat, so when you go to duplicate it you only copy half of the data objects making the new unit completely broken instead of slightly broken. How does this affect me? Well, a lot of data goes into a tower as well. In some cases, almost double the firebat you see. I can no longer duplicate a tower and have almost everything created in a few seconds, now it takes even MORE time to create towers. More than triple the amount of time it takes me already. Blizzard is forcing us to create everything from scratch, because you know map makers must not have lives.

So not only is this the death of my map, it's most likely the first nail in the coffin for StarCraft II. There is no doubt the SC2 editor is powerful, but with it comes a level of complexity that not everyone will be able to comprehend. The interface for the Data module is awful, and then Blizzard decided to make it even worse. Being able to create maps is part of the reason WarCraft III stayed alive for so many years. Users had the ability to create what they wanted without much hassle. Creativity kept them interested even if their maps were garbage. They would still log in and test them online, which would lead to playing other maps. Blizzard is not the same company a lot of us grew up with. They have turned into a greedy corporate monster who only cares about their customers' money. I asked both politely and furiously on the SC2 forums why they made this change, and they just completely ignore me every time. I even suggested to have an option such as "Show All Data Links" that could make it like the way it was so for whatever reason they made this change, users who don't agree with it can opt out. But of course, months of silence and 2 patches later it has stayed the same. If you are a fan of FMW and would like to see it updated someday, then urge Blizzard to revert this. Click here and spam this board until Blizzard responds! I doubt they will though, RIP FMW...
Comment: More IE 10 and Wiimote Stuff
Date Posted: 9/27/13

So I learned that Internet Explorer 10 has a "Compatibility View" that makes it so this site displays exactly like it does on other browsers. Web Page Maker already generates bad code, and it seems its also outdated according to Microsoft. I updated the About page on how to enable this option, its as simple as pressing a button on the address bar. I still like the redesign (although this option made the original reason pointless), the pages seem to load much faster using images instead of tables. I have also updated the Wiimote Tutorial with new info on how to properly install PPJoy and add a wiimote to Windows 8. In addition, I've updated my wiimote mapping script ReadMe with better info on how to use it with Windows 8 (although I highly suggest the tutorial). There are no actual changes to the script in v1.41, so if you are using v1.4 there is no need to update.
Comment: The "Illusionary" Redesign for Internet Explorer 10
Date Posted: 9/24/13

I've once again redesigned this website, only this time the goal was to make it look almost identical to what it did. So, what was the point? Well for one, I like the current retro style reminiscent of the 8-Bit era. And as you may or may not know, I'm not at all a web designer and I use Web Page Maker to generate the pages. I do know how to do basic things in HTML and CSS but not enough to get the effect you are viewing right now. Anyway, the page never displayed correctly on Internet Explorer 10 because it doesn't seem to scale and space out tables very well, but it does scale and space images correctly. There was a large amount of space between each table which made the consistency very ugly, and it's always been my intention to figure out a method to fix it. The redesign you are viewing now uses three 50x50 pixel image boxes (gray, bluegray, and black) that are stretched and stacked on top of each other to create the illusion of tables. Text still does not scale across the images perfectly with IE 10, but at least it scales and spaces the new illusionary tables correctly. Making updates to this new method requires a bit more work than before because they are created entirely by eye, but to me it is worth it to have a "nicer" looking site for IE users. This problem was never present on Firefox or Chrome, and they are still the best two browsers to view this site with. There is still some issue with text scaling when zooming pages in and out, but there isn't much I can do about this.
Comment: Windows 8 Adventures + Plugin Packs
Date Posted: 9/18/13

I figured it was time to see what all the fuss was about, so I finally installed Windows 8 that my friend so generously gave me a few months ago. I decided to dual boot Windows 8 alongside my Windows 7 installation. This ended up being a rather simple process, all I had to do was pop in the disc and install it. When the PC boots up, Win8 automatically created a nice little menu to choose which OS I want to boot. It is rather annoying that when I choose Win7 my PC has to go through a second boot, but I suppose it's not the worst thing in the world. Installation was fast and easy, and it wasn't long before I was greeted with the new Metro start screen. Lots of ghastly looking apps, but they were not hard to remove from my sight forever.

After toying around with it for awhile, it didn't take long to figure out where everything is. There are some changes I like and some I don't like. The removal of the Start menu is a welcome change to me since I really haven't used it since Windows 98, and the Metro menu is quite appealing. I managed to disable driver signature enforcement and got PPJoy installed correctly, so it is possible to still use GlovePIE and my wiimote as my PC controller. I'll have to update my wiimote tutorial because it was kind of a pain to get everything working. I was pleased to see that it is possible to have a different desktop background on each monitor without the need for any 3rd party apps. On the other side, I don't like the very dull, square, gradientless window borders because it feels like a step backwards from the glossy, 3D look of the Windows 7 borders. I also prefer a black taskbar and window borders, unfortunately the window title automatically shades to a dark gray without any option to change it.

Overall, Windows 8 does not really feel that different than Windows 7. The only significant difference that I notice is Start Menu vs. Metro, everything else is basically the same with a few interface changes. Unless you have a touchscreen, a tablet device, or just really like Metro, I see no need for the move to Windows 8. Whether or not I'll start using it as my primary OS is still in question, I am having fun with it since it's new but only time will tell if I'll spend more hours on Win8 over Win7. To wrap this up with something totally unrelated, I have updated the Plugin Packs for both N64 and Playstation. I have renamed the plugins so it's easier to tell what they are. And to clear concerns, this didn't seem to cause any issues in the emulators.
Comment: 7-Zip Convert-Compare-Delete v2.00 and (Random Nostalgia..)
Date Posted: 9/2/13

When I was messing around with the Wiimote scripts and got them to a point where I was happy with them, I noticed my poor forgotten 7-Zip recompression script that was badly in need of some love and attention. To explain it real quick, this is a batch script I made that searches for rar/zip files in a folder, recompresses them into 7z, compares the two files, and keeps the smaller one. It has readouts in KB/MB and supports recompression of files up to 20GB in size. It's great if you have 100s of zip and rar files and you want to recompress them into 7z with a single double click but don't want to lose any space if 7z compression failed to be better. Basically, it makes sure that it recovers or preserves as much hard drive space as possible.

So yeah this sounds dandy and it actually could recover or preserve 10s of 100s of GB if you had lots of archives, but it never did work the way I wanted it to. I scripted in WarCraft III vJASS and some basic Java but I'm far from fluent in it. Batch is very limited and I'm not a programmer so I eventually gave up. I could never get it to process file names with "%" and had trouble with filenames with "!". It also started to eat up GBs of RAM after processing 100s files and started to slow down after about 350. There was also the fun issue with batch being limited to 32-bit integers so processing files over 2GB took some thinking. To make this short and sweet, in 7-Zip Convert-Compare-Delete v2.00 I finally fixed everything wrong with the script and even gave it some features. I recompressed about 5000 files (200kb-10mb) zip/rar archives in one go, and 20 files (1.5gb-3gb) without issues. You can grab it here or off the Downloads page. If you find any issues or have suggestions please let me know!

And for the random nostalgia part (like the headline suggests), I found a few of my older N64 configuration lists on the web from many years back and uploaded them to my site. The ones I found are v2.7 and v3.2. It was entertaining to see it progress across my three firefox tabs as my mind wandered back to the eras of my life where I put those lists together. I also took a look at my site way back in 2004 with the Wayback Machine and laughed at my original design (bright neon purple? wtf!). I eventually made it blue which was definitely better. It all reminds me that I'm getting older, but at the same time all the wiser.
Comment: The Wonderful Wiimote
Date Posted: 8/24/13

So my birthday was just a few days ago, August 18th. I turned 30 on that day, which means I've already used up about half of my existence. Am I where I wanted to be when I grew up? Heck no, but I'm content with life anyway. I don't like to talk about myself very much, this post is about the power of the Wiimote on a PC. It requires a bluetooth adapter, which I picked one up a long time ago from Amazon for like 7 bucks. I've been using the Wiimote + Classic Controller as my main emulation controller for some time now. Of course this would really start to suck if I needed batteries, so long ago I modded my Wiimotes to be powered with USB power. You can check out my post over at the Dolphin Forums. Take that, battery industry.

To anyone interested, I use my Wiimote for Emulators, Mouse input, and as hotkeys for my media players. With a Wii Guitar, I also use it in the PC version of Guitar Hero III, and even games like Rock Band in PCSX2. This requires a joystick emulator known as PPJoy, and a program called GlovePIE to map buttons to PPJoy through the use of scripts. Today I have updated my GlovePIE scripts to support many extensions and up to four connected Wiimotes, and I also released my script to support Mouse and Media Player controls. You can grab them on the Downloads page, or you can check out my post at the GlovePIE forums. I also added a Wiimote in Windows Tutorial. It really is the most versatile controller ever, long live the Wiimote!!
Comment: This is why...
Date Posted: 7/7/13

I don't support configurations for the many incarnations of 1964mod (a.k.a. NICE64, ICE64, ACE64, etc). I recieved several emails over time asking me why I don't have configurations on my list with these emulators. The answer is simple really: from what I know of the author, I really don't care for him. He has taken source code from projects such as 1964 and Glide64 which all fall under the GPLv2 which require him by law to share any modifications with the public. This is an unethical practice which I do not agree with, so I will not show any support for any emulator from this author. From what I have seen over time, most emulator authors are very open with their work. They help each other out, and work together as a whole to try to improve their projects. And over the years it has been shown to work, N64 emulation has come a very long way since UltraHLE. Almost every game is playable without the need for ACE64. As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't even exist.

I've been a huge fan of emulation and a member of the emulation community for many years now, and I respect the hard work people put forth to bring us these wonderful programs. So much that this site came to be in the first place. But it's not here to steal anyone's work, it's not here because I seek fame, nor for any other selfish desires. This site obviously does not exist for monetary gain. When emuxhaven disappeared off the face of the earth I chose the first free host that I could find that does NOT require ads all over the place, nor do I sponsor ads of my own. This site is here to help visitors with N64 emulation, which I hope it does. With all that being said, I am a man of strong moral ethics and feel that credit should go to where credit is deserved. And because ACE64 goes against everything I stand for, do not expect to see me support it any way.

Also I have been asked to update the list with Project64 2.0/2.1 configurations. This I will eventually do in time. I have already played around with it a bit and can see there are numerous improvements, but it's also in a mixed state at the moment. I have seen reports where v2.0 fixed some things, then got broke again in v2.1. When I find the time, I'll certainly get back to testing some games and make an update. This thread shows some game improvements here.
Comment: N64 Plugins Pack Updated + Other Stuff
Date Posted: 3/31/13

I have updated the N64 plugins pack again, with the real "Final" version of Glide64 and Squall's latest version of the N-Rage plugin. Many of the old plugins have been removed along with a ton of the "Required Files" that these plugins required to make things much simpler for the user. Most of these outdated plugins are no longer needed anyway, so I found no reason to keep including them in the pack. It should now be much easier for newcomers to install plugins from this pack.

As for Firemaul Wars, I got a few emails asking if it was dead. No it is not dead, there have just been a ton of new game releases I have been waiting a long time for: StarCraft: Heart of the Swarm, Bioshock Infinite, and Tomb Raider. When I get bored playing these games, I'll most likely end up working on FMW again. So be patient, and enjoy the current version for awhile longer. I am happy to see that the map is retaining its popularity, and I am thankful for those who support it by playing it. I'm pretty sure the current release is stable and bug free, but as always report any bugs you do happen to find.
Comment: Firemaul Wars - The Aftermath
Date Posted: 2/3/13

Woah, it felt weird putting a "13" for the year in the date. Anyway, you may or may not have ended up here because of my latest StarCraft 2 map "Firemaul Wars". So far I have no section dedicated to it like I do Wintermaul Wars: Tournament Edition. I probably won't set up anything fancy, heck I might not even make an actual "page" for awhile. Any free time is better spent working on the game. I am linking here merely because if I update any personal news on the internet, this is where it will most likely be, and I'll most likely eventually have some page or another dedicated to it. There's no illegal/malicious content or links to any so don't worry. I would like to keep my adfree/bannerfree "free" webpage. Take a look around the site and enjoy your stay if you'd like. It's focus is aiding N64 emulation enthusiasts to help play N64 games on the PC, but I also use the site as a gateway to anything else I feel like putting here.

If you're not here because of FMW, then it's worth checking out it you are a StarCraft 2 player. What it is, is a remake of my WarCraft III map Wintermaul Wars: Tournament Edition (if you haven't already pieced that together). My goal is to try to recapture the thrill of WMW:TE in SC2, but only this time make it even better if possible. One of the greatest things this time around is I can finally display missiles, something the WC3 engine choked on until the very end of its lifespan and I obtained my first "super computer". By that time it was too late to even care about missiles anymore, I already put too much time into the game. So one of my biggest focuses are creating unique towers and missiles, but they must somehow fit the "theme" of their race. This has been a fun and interesting challenge, and I'm satisfied with the 8 races I have so far.

But it doesn't stop there, I plan on adding more races in future updates, along with the specialty towers (Slow Tower, Web Tower, Root Tower, Teleport Tower, Lazy Tower, etc...). I want players to have a variety of options at their disposal. So expect more to come, and enjoy the map! I'll try my best to make it as enjoyable as possible.
Comment: N64 Multiple Game Configuration List v4
Date Posted: 6/21/12

I have finally released a downloadable version of the list that I can call a successor to v3.2. I decided that a downloadable version is important to offer. Who knows, this could end up being my last release for any number of random reasons. This will make the list easier to preserve over the course of time, and also benefit those who have no internet access or wish to store it locally on a hard drive or flash drive. The list has come a very long way since the last version released almost 7 years ago; It has some great new features such as being able to navigate through the games by the alphabet, and most of the configurations now provide additional information labelled "Note:" and "Info:". Every known N64 game up to this point has been added to the list, and every single configuration has been updated to make use of the latest plugins and emulators. I have attempted to provide the best possible configurations that exist with the current emulators and plugins to make it as easy as possible for everyone to enjoy classic gaming nostalgia. Enjoy the new configuration list, and long live the Nintendo 64!
Comment: Some Site Updates
Date Posted: 6/19/12

Got a day off from work today so I used it to update the site and catch up the changes to the atspace mirror from my main site at emuxhaven. I have also removed the link to the small useless configuration list I had for Dolphin. I had originally started it for one of my friends because he was clueless on how to configure Dolphin properly, but the emulator has come a long way and does not require much tweaking anymore. Plus I only own a handful of Wii games and there is no point in making a list for an emulator that is actively being worked on. I have also uploaded a few changes to the N64 configuration list, nothing too major. It only adds two more misisng games, the Glover 2 Unreleased Prototype dump and Ronaldinho Soccer 64.
Comment: Something New to Put Here
Date Posted: 6/4/12

Lack of news lately, I should have updated with this sooner. I was eventually going to give the configuration list an official "release" number and compile it into a downloadable version. This never seemed to happen because I could never find myself at a point where I was happy enough with it to call it a final version. This is still my plan, but I feel like there is still more to be done with it and I lack the spare time to polish it up. I don't think an offline version would be that useful to many in this day in age anyway, where the internet is practically in every home. Plus the online version can be updated anytime.

Keep the emails coming, I always enjoy reading and responding to them. I'll offer any help I can to the extent of my knowledge, and update the configuration list with any changes that are suggested that help better the list. I would also like to thank those that have shown their gratitude and support, it really helps to keep me inspired to keep this site up and running.
Comment: N64 Plugins Pack Updated + Site Updates and N64 Config List News
Date Posted: 4/9/12

With my N64 Multiple Game Configuration List almost ready for a new official version number, it was time to update the N64 Plugins Packs to meet my higher standards and in preperation of its release. The only thing worth grabbing in this pack from the last update, is an updated configuration file for the z64 plugin. I have added several "per game settings" that can be found in my N64 config list, and improved some of the dialog explaining the options. This update to the N64 Plugins Pack does not add any new plugins, but gets rid of a few that aren't really needed anymore. It also has another "Required File" I found missing on a friends computer (msvcp100.dll), so I tossed it into the pack. The two documents that I typed up for and included in the N64 Plugins Pack have also been updated with better information, and can now be found on my Tutorials page. I have also fixed the music that plays on some of the main pages of this site, they have been broken for awhile now.

Also the next huge revision in the N64 Configuration List is just about finished. Every game has been retested since my list back in 2006. There are still quite a number of games that I wish to retest, still some polishing left to do, but for the most part it's just about done. I want to wait a while longer to make this huge change official, because there's still some stuff I want to finish with it. For now take part in the N64 Online Configuration List, try out some settings, and E-Mail me any issues you find!
Comment: More N64 Config List Updates
Date Posted: 3/6/12

Over the past couple of weeks I have been steadily updating the online N64 configuration list with new settings for many of the games. The goal I had for my previous list was only to provide any "known working" configuration that I could find. This time around I am more rigorous with my testing, only offering the configurations that give the best possible experience, the closest experience to the real Nintendo 64, or have the least amount of glitches. With most games that I have retested, I have added helpful little "Notes" or "Info" to provide even more useful information aside from the configuration itself. Apparently back in 2004, I must not have thought any form of audio issues were even issues at all, because many of the games that I have re-tested had audio problems with my old settings which I had failed to mention. My old N64 list was uninformative, and a lot of my old settings were inaccurate. I am happy to say my most recent changes have brought my list to a new level, and I will continue to improve it and provide more settings over the following weeks. I definitely plan on finishing it this time around.
Comment: N64 Online Configuration Update!!
Date Posted: 2/12/12

I don't usually update my news this often, but I've been bored for the past couple of days and decided to finally update the N64 configuration list a bit. Although the information on it is pretty dated, I have given it a nice overhaul. It is now easier to navigate through the games by pressing a letter at the top of the page, instead of having to scroll endlessly trying to find the game you wish to configure. This in my eyes was a much needed change, and hopefully it will spark up new interest in getting it completed and up to date. It will probably be some time before it is in a good enough shape for a "downloadable" offline release, but I'm assuming that shouldn't be a problem for now if you are viewing this page. Many of the N64 emulators and plugins have gone though some significant changes over the years, so there should be a lot of new possibilites for better configurations, and some of the "non-working" games might actually be playable.
Comment: Home Again and Looking Good
Date Posted: 2/5/12

Site is back up from my host emuxhaven, looks like they were performing some maintenance or upgrades. I'm pretty much finished converting all the pages to look correctly in firefox with 2D acceleration, including the tutorials. Zooming in and/or changing the default font settings may still break some things. I mentioned this before. I use a program to generate my webpages because it is really easy to make changes and saves me time. I probably have the ability to make a much fancier website that doesn't have these issues, but I like how it looks right now. The idea is to keep a simple design with a monochromatic "retro" look, based on an era when games had a tendency to display white and colored text against a black background. Borders and buttons use shades of greys, white, and black to resemble the colors of classic systems: Atari 2600, NES, Genesis, SNES, I could go on.

I have also updated the N64 tutorial with some nice changes. The plugin installation section needed much better info on getting the plugins and their required files installed correctly. I also fixed a few text errors, added some better pictures, improved some of the info in setting up N-Rage's controller plugin, and added a simple Mario 64 riddle at the bottom. I am also reworking the "Secrets and Glitches" section. This is a page I wanted to set up for years because I find glitches entertaining, I just never got around to doing it. It will probably evolve slowly over time. Last thing on my mind is my N64 Configuration List, which is badly in need of updates and changes. It's been in my heart to work on it for years, just never quite reached my will. It's a big project to undertake, especially since some of the plugins have come a long way and almost all games need to be retested and researched. And the page itself needs a simpler and more readable format. Some day...
Comment: Site Updates + Random
Date Posted: 2/3/12

I finally gave in to Firefox not displaying my site correctly and reformatted all the pages to use the Arial font with a size of 10. For some reason this setting works so you no longer have to disable 2D acceleration. There may still be some pages that have issues, such as the tutorials. Those will take me some time to repair. As for updates, I have a huge update for the N64 plugins pack. It was missing a crucial "Required File", msvcr71.dll, which allowed the older Rice Video plugins to load. I have also included the final version of Glide64, the latest 1964 community update plugins, and the updated TR64 OpenGL plugin which has recently recieved some love. There is also another RSP included for z64 by angrylion that allows World Driver Championship and Stunt Racer 64 to go ingame. Finally, I included a thorough document (that I finally decided to finish) that attempts to explain what the various options do within the plugin configurations. You can also find this on the tutorials page without having to download the plugins pack.
Comment: WTF is up with the web address? WTF is up with the world? (from
Date Posted: 2/2/12

This is just an alternate site with the same content because it seems emuxhaven is having issues. I'm not sure what's going on for the time being, all hosted sites seem to be MIA. But no worries, it's the same site just under a free domain name. If my site reappears on emuxhaven, I will still continue to update both. So anyway, a lot has been going on lately. There was the big debate over the SOPA/PROTECT IP bills flowing through Congress, which the American people proudly stood up for their rights and put a stop to it... for now. Then there was arrest of Megaupload owners/coworkers along with the shutdown of their servers, which wiped out massive amounts of data: both copyrighted and legitimate. Now I could rant about this for a long time, but I don't want to bloat my news section with personal opinions on how fucked up society is right now. Who knows, in time I may even have to remove the pictures of the Nintendo characters in my background because it would suggest "copyright infringement". Someone might lose .00312 cents somewhere somehow in some unrealistic scenario, and we can't have that. Anyway, it's hard to say what the future holds for us. A lot of it depends on whether or not we allow the "higher power" to actually become the "higher power".
Comment: Xenoblade Chronicles (And Some Other Stuff)
Date Posted: 10/31/11

I'm not one who usually gets into RPGs, IMO none has compared to the joy that FFX brought me many years ago. But after seeing Xenoblade Chronicles for the Nintendo Wii I just had to try it out. We had to look overseas and wait some time for it to arrive, but once it came it captured my soul. So after about 180 hours into this game, I can conclude that it is one of the best games I have ever played and I am sad that it is over. If you ever get the chance to try out this great game, then do yourself a favor and play it. In other news, Iconoclast has informed me that Jabo has released his N64 emulation plugins which were previously planned for the v1.7 release of Project64 which can be grabbed at his site. Jabo's plugins are definitely some of the best, so don't hesitate to grab them. I have also been working on a batch script to convert RAR and ZIP files into 7z files, compare the sizes, and delete the larger file. Although it's not perfect and is limited to 20GB archives, it gets the job done. So if you have lots of archives and want to attempt to free up some HD space, you can grab it on my downloads page.
Comment: GoodN64 & GoodGUI Tutorial + Some Site Info
Date Posted: 8/16/11

Firefox is now up to v6, and still displays the site incorrectly. There is a resolution, 2D acceleration needs to be disabled. There are two ways to accomplish this. The simple way is go to Tools > Options > Advanced and under the General tab, uncheck "Use hardware acceleration when available", although this will also disable 3D acceleration. The other option is to type about:config in the address bar, locate the option gfx.direct2d.disabled, double-click and set it to true. With either method, the next time you load Firefox everything should display correctly. I have also disabled caching of the pages on my site, so you don't have to hit "Refresh" every time you visit to see any updates. You may have to refresh every page one last time to get the version of the pages that disabled caching (if you can even see this page). Last, I have also uploaded my latest tutorial which explains how to use GoodN64 with GoodGUI to verify your collection of N64 ROMs, although the instructions are thorough enough to set up any GoodTool. You can find this new tutorial on my Tutorials page. I will continue to work on the site from time to time, there are still a few pages that need updating, especially the N64 Configuration List which hasn't seen an update in about a year.
Comment: The Site's New Look - Done Already?
Date Posted: 5/11/11

I'm not that great with HTML scripting, so I tried out a simple program that helps create web pages with limited knowledge on the subject. The result, the new look you are seeing now as you are reading this. It's not exactly HiGh-TeCh, kick_ass!, OMG fancy, but thanks to this little program and sites like, it definitely came out better than my expectations and beyond what I thought I was capable of. So far I have the index, downloads, and tutorials page finished and they look great compared to the old site. Music can now also be paused. I will work on a few of the other pages down the road, although some are fine in their current state and shouldn't need too much modification, if any. As the site gains a new face, I will also hopefully update some of the material found on the site and eventually add additional content.
Comment: Updates Coming, Reconstruction Underway (Edited from Original)
Date Posted: 5/09/11

Wanted to update the site a little bit with anything I can think of. Any quick links under "Contents" not directly related to emulation have been removed. The pages are not gone, I just added a new quick link titled "Non-Emulation Related" which will bring up a new page that will link to any projects or pages I feel that are worth linking to. I mentioned in my last news post I started a Dolphin configuration list, but progress on this is halted as well. A few reasons are lack of time and interest, and because Dolphin is evolving way too fast (new revisions almost every day). I don't own many Wii games at the moment so it's not like I could make an elaborate configuration list anyway, other than to copy & paste any info I can find from other Dolphin users. On a side note, I want to clean up, improve, and expand on some of the sites content over the next couple weeks when I have time. Since I have no projects it will give me something to do other than smash out hours in games like Fallout New Vegas. EmuXhaven has been kind enough to offer me hosting for my N64 list for quite a few years now, and the site hasn't changed much in all these years. The addition of some tutorials, Iconoclast's document, and some general downloads were added over time, but other than that its been pretty basic with nothing new in long while. I want to try to refine it the best I can to maybe give it a new look and a reason to attract people who are not familiar with the site's existence. I still have the most thorough N64 configuation list as well as one of the better N64 emulation tutorials on the web, with lots of other great info on the site. Over time I'll try to add more stuff so there's more reasons to come here other than a quick link to a N64 plugins pack or a quick reference to a game on my N64 Configuration List.
Comment: N64 Config List Update + Dolphin Configuration List
Date Posted: 11/06/10

Still alive, not dead yet! I come to my site all the time, but I never really update the news on it. Nothing that exciting ever happens in my life, nor do I really have any active projects at the moment so I guess there really isn't much that's worth writing about. I have been working on a configuration list for the Dolphin emulator for the heck of it. The setup is very similar to my old N64 Configuration List, which yes I still hope to one day sit down and just finish the damn thing once and for all. I made a few small changes to the interface and game settings over the years, which I am finally uploading today. I always figured I'd release it when I filled in every game spot, but I usually got too bored to do any real work on it. The online configuration list as well as the downloadable ones are being updated. N64 emulation hasn't really come very far since in the past couple years, so it's not like I'd have to update too much information on it. Through time I've been updating the N64 plugins pack here and there, and will continue to do so as new plugins are released. Well, check out the new Dolphin configuration list if you're interested, it's in my site contents. It's very incomplete at the moment and I'm not sure how many games I will add to it. I own quite a few Wii games but not nearly enough to make a complete and thorough list, so a lot of my findings will come from random sources on the internet.

Also, WMW TE is dead, so don't email me about it anymore for I've ceased work on it indefinitely. WarCraft III is an old, obsolete game now so I would rather dedicate my time to a new project than to continue work on this fossil. The limitations of the WC3 engine upset me, but maybe not as much as the complexity of the SC2 engine. Whether or not I will make any form of map for SC2 is still in question. I don't really have the time and patience that I once did. I'm aging faster than I thought, years are melting away. A WMW TE remake, at least by me, is probably never going to happen. I've had a few emails asking me if I ever would remake it for SC2, the answer is most likely, no.
Comment: New WMW Beta-Z
Date Posted: 1/01/10

So it's finally done after a few weeks. Was aiming for Christmas but meh, didn't have the time. Anyway, new version of WMW TE is available for public beta testing. The script that makes up this map has been rewritten from scratch, with lots of new balance changes, tweaks, and features. Over the next few weeks I'll keep working on the map, releasing betas as often as they come. I am calling this new string of beta versions "Z" to reference the sleep I lost the past few weeks trying to get this finished and stable enough for play. The most current version as of this news section is Beta-Z.01d, and is stable enough for playing. The only problem is it's not detecting when players leave, other than that, it's coming along pretty good. That's it for now, keep checking back to get the latest beta versions.
Comment: Some Random News
Date Posted: 9/08/09

Thanks to World of WarCraft and IRL, I haven't released anything in a long time. I collected up a few dozens emails over the past few months about WMW Tournament Edition, what I'm doing with it, bug reports, suggestions etc... and to all of you who emailed, I said the same thing - "I don't know if I'm ever going to work on the map again." Well here's the good news. In short, I'm working on the map again. The drawback is, I'm rescripting all my code from scratch so it may be awhile, depending on how much time I get and how much I'm willing to put into it. I've been working on it for a few weeks now "secretly", and it's really looking nice. The map suffered too many random bugs, crashes, and untracable errors in its current state. It was this map I started with GUI and moved up from JASS and into vJASS, and is still the original source from when I adpoted the map years ago.. so all of the code was a real mess. My skills have improved since I started and since I'm starting from ground zero, new scripting, additions and bug fixes will be 10000x easier. So eventually WMW TE will be back from the grave, it may be days, weeks, or over a month, but the end result will be a much easier to edit map and a much more stable map.

So other than that, not much else going on in the cyberworld. Phat lewts in WoW, high scores in Guitar Hero III Customs, and some random emulation from time to time. The Dolphin emulator is looking promising, I've been playing around with that with some of my Wii discs and I'll say I'm impressed. Well until next update, take care people. Just mainly wanted to let the WMW fans who come here to know that it's not dead yet.
Comment: Bighead Fixes WMW TE
Date Posted: 8/06/09

Hard at work I managed to fix WMW TE so that WarCraft III will actually recognize it as a map, so it's finally playable again. I'm not sure of what's going to come of changing all uses of the old H2I bug to the new Blizzard native functions, but I'm hoping possibly more speed, stability, and the crash will be fixed as a side effect of converting this code. Anyway, the new beta version is ready so that WMW TE can live on once again, grab it on the WMW page. I didn't change much yet, mostly it was just to get it back online. I did improve the Bomb Race a bit, it was a huge concern before I went silent for so many months. And just to let everyone know so there's no confusion, I'm no longer StRoNgFoE on, I have changed my name to (Bighead.) with a period. More versions to come in the future, I'm just glad to get it back to a playable state. I do plan on revising my script a little further, after taking a break for so many months, not staring at 1000's of lines of script and not being so close to this project, I can see many ways of which it can be improved for possibly even more stability.
Comment: Blizzard Breaks WMW TE
Date Posted: 8/05/09

An apology goes to all the fans of this map, it's been a long time since I updated any information on regards to my Wintermaul Wars TE project. It has come to my attention by many that the latest patch (v1.24a) has broken every version of WMW TE I ever created. I did some research as to why this has happened, and it seems Blizzard fixed a much used delopment bug that almost every serious map developer used, called the "return bug" or better known to the community as "H2I Bug". This 'bug' allowed map developers to convert an object handle into an integer, which had many uses in the JASS scripting language. I'm certain this "fix" also broke many other maps as well. Although lack of interest in further development of the map has led to me procrastinating future releases, I assure everyone that I am now back into action, and am working on further beta development and plan to complete version 5 of the series, even if the crash remains in release. Blizzard has added some new native functions, but since they fixed the return bug, I now have to recode much of the map. This could be good in the long run, because it could have been a flaw in the return bug causing the crash to begin with. So knowing that much of my script has to be rewritten, a future release may take days, or weeks, I am not sure yet. If any further delays are expected, I will update the news section. Patience is a virtue in this situation, for now my free time is once again dedicated to fixing and finalizing this map once and for all.
Comment: Updated Tutorials and the N64 Plugins Pack
Date Posted: 5/23/09

I've been getting back into emulation more and more recently, and figured it was time to update my emulators and plugins. Since I took the time to gather all the latest N64 plugins, I figured it would be a good idea to put them on here for everyone to download. I added a few more "older" versions of Rice's Plugins, as well as some of the newer ones such as Rabiddeity's N-Rage update and the latest Glide64 Napalm by Gonetz. I also made a link next to each plugin, which will direct to where I found them. I did not create any of these plugins, I'm merely taking away the hassle of looking for them on the web. Like the old plugins pack, Jabo's plugins found in the Project 64 builds are not included due to the copyright. You can grab these plugins from the downloads page. I have also updated the site a bit, especially my old tutorials. I put both the NES and N64 tutorials on their own page now, and made both of them available for download. I plan on adding more tutorials for more emulation related subjects in the future. If you know anyone looking for a good document to get started in the emulation world, then send them here! Last, I changed the annoying SMB3 music on the Downloads page to the DKC2 music found in the Bramble Blast stages.

Update: Just uploaded a PSX Plugins Pack to the downloads section as well. This archive contains a little over 90 plugins that I have collected over the years. I also took the time to update any plugins to the latest versions, if I could find them on the internet.

Comment: New News was Needed!
Date Posted: 3/30/09

I was actually taking a look at my "long lost site", and realized that I haven't updated the news section in almost 3 years! Well I figured I should put something here so here it is. I'm still alive obviously, so that's always a good thing. I updated some of the headline pics to higher quality versions, so the site looks a little bit nicer. Maybe in the next few weeks I'll add more emulation related content to it, do some research... update some things. I haven't been in touch with emulation for some time, except to play a random game here and there. I guess I take a sense of pride in my N64 list because even today I still use it to set up a game here and there. Shame I never had the ambition to finish it or keep updating it with all the latest works of the dedicated emulation community. Maybe someday I will update it, maybe that day will come soon. I guess it depends if Projct64 1.7 will ever be released, and how compatible and jam packed full of features it will be. With one good emulator that plays everything, a list like this will have no purpose. As of lately, I still work on my WMW maps for WC3 from time to time, and I have no other current projects besides that. Most of my free time is spent just enjoying life and learning more about life in general. It's a fascinating mystory that is easily taken for granted. Anway, I'm hoping to take all that I learned from WC3 mapmaking and learn Java soon, and eventually C. Programming is certainly an interesting thing to me, and I eventually want to become really good at it. My current life in a nutshell, until next update.

Comment: A New List is Born
Date Posted: 11/22/06

It's been awhile since I made any updates to my list, but a new list is being worked on by a user I met from EmuTalk named Iconoclast. The difference in our lists is that my list is a quick reference to get a game working with little hassle, and good enough to play to the end. Iconoclast goes into a lot of detail to help get the best possible experience playing N64 games, with the least ammount of "glitches", and possibly achieve perfect emulation. There are/will be documentations on the emulators, netplay, and other miscellaneous information about N64 emulation. His list is a compiled html help document (.chm) which can be found on my downloads page, along with a link to the forum on emutalk where it will be updated regularly.

Comment: Some Misc News
Date Posted: 3/16/06

Well, for the past few months I have been involved with another project which I mentioned before: a WarCraft III map remake named Wintermaul Wars. It's finally finished, and now I want to FINALLY finish the N64 Config List as it should be up to this day. The past few months there have been no updates to anything anyway, so I don't think it's too far behind. Right now I fixed some weird text that FireFox generated on my Online Configuration List, and the URL is changed so old links will not take you there anymore. Expect an update within hopefully a month, depending on how much free time I get, and what I decide to do with it. I may refine some of the content on my site within the next few days, such as the tutorials, making them a bit more thorough. But as for now, expect something from me in the next few weeks.

Comment: Finally back Online!
Date Posted: 2/20/06

As you all may have known, emuxhaven has had a few issues with their servers. Everything seems to be in order now, and my page is back online. Once again I would like to thank emuxhaven for hosting my site, this project has become a part of my life and I'm glad it's helped so many people with their N64 emulation experience. The past few weeks have been busy, for I moved from Alaska back to Pennsylvania. I didn't want to, but I had "unavoidable" circumstances. Lately I haven't been really on my computer as much, but let me assure everyone that you all haven't heard the last of me.

Comment: Happy New Year
Date Posted: 1/17/06

New Years in Alaska is very interesting, it is their 4th of July. In the Summer, it is 24/7 daylight so they shoot off their fireworks at midnight. I have not worked on many of my projects lately, mainly because I am preparing to move back to Pennsylvania in a few days. I don't want to leave Alaska, but at the moment it's my only choice. I fixed up the NES tutorial which now looks great and is easy to follow. I have a lot more people seeking emulation help. I also recently finished the Final version of my WarCraft III map Wintermaul Wars SuperSpeed, and can be found in the Downloads section. This leaves me with little projects at the moment, and my Configuration List should soon be complete after I get settled in. I hope everyone had a good New Years, and hope that 2006 will be a good year for everyone.

Comment: Added a New Tutorial
Date Posted: 12/14/05

I was talking to some friends, and one them asked "So, how do I play N64 on my computer?". After hearing that, I realized my N64 Config list is not thorough enough for a beginner. So after a lot of consecutive hours of being bored for the past two days, I added a Nintendo 64 Emulation "Noobie Guide". I aslo added an "Old News" section so nothing gets lost anymore. I'm also working on my Configuration List again, and my next release will hopefully have every N64 game known with settings. Check out my new tutorial if you are new to N64 emulation, or if you know someone who needs a helping hand, lead them here. It can be found in my "Tutorials" section.

Comment: A New Downloadable Release!
Date Posted: 12/12/05

It's been a couple months, but here I am with another great release. There are many more games added, I think almost every N64 game ever released. Although not every game is finished yet, many have updated and improved settings since my last release. Most of the unfinished games are Japanese anyway, but expect them to be finished in time. I aslo added some of my favorite classic game music to most of the pages of my website to liven it up a bit, and I finally fixed all the text and pictures to appear correctly in FireFox. As always for the list, BMGCL v3.2 can be found on the "Downloads" page. Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Comment: Halted! (For Now)
Date Posted: 11/25/05

I have updated my Online Configuration List way beyond my downloadable one. At the previous time, I have been dedicating my spare time to playing online games, and working on a WarCraft III map. It is a remake of Wintermaul Wars, and can be found in my downloads section. As for the progress on my list, I still tinker with it from time to time. I'll upload my latest work to the online list in the next few days after I correct a few things. Also, I finally added a hit counter to my webpage.

Comment: Configuration List: The Grand Finale
Date Posted: 10/17/05

It's not often I actually make a release this soon (my last one four days ago). These past four days, I have gone on a game testing binge, sleeping only a few hours a night drinking lots of coffee and having a blast. I have finally finished my goal up to this point, and have reached the level I set out for it. Every game that I entered into my list has been completed, with many known working configurations for a hell of a lot of games. I updated the look of it a bit, threw in a fancy background I made, and now I'm happy with it for awhile. This is the first release I am proud of :). The latest version is 3.1, and is kind of my final version for now until emulation speeds up again. In the mean time, I will add more and more games over time, and still search for better known working configurations. As always, BMGCL v3.1 can be found in my Downloads section.

Comment: A great day for an update.
Date Posted: 10/13/05

The months pass, and the time comes when I get bored and I say: "I'm gonna work on my N64 Configuration List today." Over time I added a few settings, but the big surprise is that I gave it a whole new look. Instead of a "click and find" list, I have converted the layout into one huge table. My original list did not support Firefox due to errors in my code, and since I have jumped on the bandwagon, I needed to change something. Well, here it is, BMGCL v3.0. It has some new stuff, not much, but the look is new. Now that I have something easier to follow, updating won't be such a hassle. The latest version as always can be found in my downloads section.
Comment: I am here, alive, and kicking!
Date Posted: 7/06/05

I am here and alive! I am currently updating my MGCL with all the new plugins and the fabulous new Project 64 release. So many new things to play with and the long 6 month break from my list was needed. Now that there are drastic improvments in N64 emulation I have a reason to exist again. Expect a release within the next few weeks for some superb N64 support. Also, I added an online version of my configuration list so you don't have to download it. It's not thorough just yet, and I am far from finished with it. It includes configurations for all of the latest plugins and emulators as of now. Enjoy.
Comment: I crawled out of a cave, and saw some light.
Date Posted: 3/20/05

I am updating my webpage a bit. Maybe it will get me in the mood to type up some HTML. I get pretty bored, since I am starting to understand my work a little better. This leaves me with free time that I am really starting to enjoy. Less stressed out as well, and video games are pretty fun when there's nothing better to do. I replaced the purple with a blue theme, which seems to have a more aesthetic look to it. I am gonna load up my N64 games tonight, and play Super Mario 64, my alltime favorite classic. Later for now.
Comment: Farewell?
Date Posted: 12/21/04

Hello everyone, or whoever actually visits this site :). I have decided to possibly discontinue work on my Configuration List. There are several reasons as to why I want to do this, but the main one is the dedication that it requires. Not that it's a tedious project, mainly because I feel N64 emulation is not as popular as it once was, and I don't feel any reason to continue on a project that serves no purpose. School is my main dedication anymore, and I have gotten back into online gaming for my leisure activity. But I will say thank you to Gab and Olivieryuyu for the help they provided me when starting this list, and for those of you who still enjoy N64 emulation, you can grab my uncompleted list in my downloads section. I may pick it back up someday, when I get some of my life issues worked out. Well, it's been fun everyone, and I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and that everyone take care.
Comment: Hello
Date Posted: 11/11/04

I just started working on my list again today. It's not that I have been uninterested in making updates, I've just been preoccupied with school and Final Fantasy XI. I spent so much time testing and playing classic games that I forgot how nice it is to play new games sometimes. But I still want to help the public with their N64 Games, so I'm going to continue to release updates. Besides, when I started this, I never thought it would go this far. It has become pretty well known, and I even got a website for it. But back on track, I made few additions to my website, including an "About Me" section that describes me a little bit, and why I decided to make this list. I also added another forum I partook in a long time ago, but forgot all about. I also am going to write a few more tutorials and help guides eventually, and add some more game secrets and glitches, cause I know a few more funny ones. Ciao everyone. Addition (11/13/04): Just wanted to add that I just spiffed up my site just a little bit, making small improvements in a few areas. I haven't made a release on my MGCL yet, but you can grab the most recent one in the "Downloads" section, which I made look a little bit nicer. Don't think I'm lazy and just don't want to add anything to my site, and don't want to work on my list. Just lack of motivation keeps me from working on it constantly like I used to. But this does not mean I don't work on it. Expect a release sometime soon though.
Comment: Terribly Sorry...
Date Posted: 10/26/04

Lack of time has kept me from making any updates recently, and the Multiple Game Configuration List consumed most of what free time I had. I didn't lose interest in it, I've just been lazy to make any "real" progress on it. My class has gotten a lot harder now, and I spend a lot of my free time studying. I am learning things like measuring voltage, current, resistance, and watts in parallel circuits. Sounds easy...huh? Ha! There is so much algebra involved its not even funny. It's not hard math, you just have to know so many different equations and where to apply them. Also learn about batteries, LEDs, inconvescant bulbs, different wires, and I get to build circuits on breadboards. So now you all see where my time goes...Electronics is a great field, and I'm really glad I'm going to school for it. I really want to make some progress on my list, so I'll set an estimated release date. Expect a new release by at least the end of November. I know thats kinda far away, but I can only get like 2-5 games done a day. I have my life to attend to, so I can't spend it playing video games all the time :D. But if you have any questions, post on one of the 2 forums found to the left. Take care everyone.
Comment: Multiple Game Configuation List Update.
Date Posted: 10/14/04

Got limited time so I'm making this short and sweet. I made a very small update on my Configuration List, and I hope to have even more time to work on it tomorrow, or even soon. I have been so busy lately it's disgusting. The update doesn't have any new games included yet, and I put the PD ROMs on a seperate page, and no they are not done yet (but I am adding a shitload more), nothing new is done, just a few changes to some games to make them work a little bit better. Thank olivieryuyu especially for this, he saved me much time on going back and fixing some things. So, to get the new version just visit the downloads page. That's all for now!
Comment: I took role in a tragedy.
Date Posted: 10/11/04

I had about 20 more games done, and my ROM_Properties was coming along great, than over the weekend, a distant friend came to visit, and decided to give me a free copy of Final Fantasy XI online. After the installation, chaos broke loose on my computer, and it entered nuclear meltdown. My Windows installation became so corrupt that I couldn't even log into it. I tried taking my hard drive out so I wouldn't lose everything, and putting it into another computer, but...everything is gone...have to start all over. Whelp, after a long format and reinstall o f XP, my comps back up and running, and healthy as a horse (whatever that means). Finaly Fantasy XI is a great game though, and I guess it was worth losing the work :'(. I will try to get my list done some time this year, just keep checking back. I may even release an online version where I will just update there, and make a download available when it's done.
Comment: Updated a bit...
Date Posted: 10/8/04

Ok, I have been working hardcore on this, so now all my pages should be up. I put a few of my projects up, and wrote out a simple tutorial for Nintendo Emulation. It's pretty brief, and not very thorough, but I will make it better in time. I just posted it up real quick for a friend. I added a few more downloads, and now that this site is pretty stable, I am going to halt work on it for just a little while, so I can concentrate on finishing my list (it's been too long). Well, take a look around, you might find something you like. I'll keep adding to it as I go along, but don't expect an update anytime soon, but than again, I just may get some free time (I got the next 4 days off from school :D). II will post my projects as I finish them (got 2 up so far).
Comment: My Site is Open
Date Posted: 10/7/04

Hello everyone, and welcome to Bighead's EmuHelp. The sole purpose of this site is to help you get your emulation working with as little hassle as possible! Sound too good to be true? Well, it's not. Right now it's still in the construction state, so don't expect much yet. I will update it whenever I find the time to do so. Be sure to check out my awesome "N64 Multiple Game Configuration List", which can be found on the "Downloads" page. Starting to get everything up and running, the only page not yet here is my "Projects" page, which I will post up soon. But for now, take a look through, and let me know what you think so far, by clicking on "Forums" and post any feedback which pertains to my site, or my Configuration List.