Yakouchuu II - Satsujin Kouru
- (J)
- Project64
- Glide64 Final
- Jabo's Direct Sound 1.6.1
- (Minor) Possible graphics errors?
- (Minor) Some graphics 'blur'. It can be fixed in Glide64 with Buffer clear on every frame, but this will cause a crash later.

Note: Update Project64 with the unofficial v4.22 RDB (check the "Info" page for a link) or the game will fail to get past the title screen because it can not create a save file. To get this game to work in Nemu64, click Debug, and check the option "Disable Audio HLE (2)" before attempting to load the game.
- Nemu64 0.8
- Glide64 Final
- Nemu64 Audio
Yoshi's Story
- (U) (M2)
- (E) (M3)
- (J)
- 1964
- Glide64 Final
- Azimer's HLE v.0.56 WIP 2
- (Minor) Various texture errors. Most are barely noticable.
- (Minor) Page flipping effect is missing: it fails to capture the current picture. Check "Read every frame (slow!)" in Glide64.

Note: The game works in any emulator, but 1964 v1.1 has the smoothest performance. Jabo 1.6 plugins would make a nice alternative, but it has issues in lava stages (floor textures are missing) and various other errors (missing HP flower petals).
Bighead’s N64 Multiple
Game Configuration List

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