Xena Warrior Princess - The Talisman of Fate
- (U)
- (E)
- 1964
- Jabo's Direct 3D8 1.6.1
- Glide64 Final
- 1964 Audio v2.7
- (Minor) Random skips and popping sounds in the audio.

Note: Audio can be mostly fixed with the option "Synchronize speed to audio". You can find this option in 1964 Audio config.
- Project 64

- Jabo's Direct 3D8 1.6.1
- Glide64 Final
- Jabo's Direct Sound 1.5
- (Minor) Random skips in the audio. This can be slightly fixed by configuring the audio and checking "Sync game to Audio".

Note: Jabo 1.5 audio seems to be slightly more accurate than the 1.6 versions, but still does not remove all of the skips. The 1964 configuration has more accurate audio than this config.
Bighead’s N64 Multiple
Game Configuration List

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