Welcome to my new and improved Nintendo 64 Multiple Game Configuration List. While I could have picked a better name, this is what I called it back then so I guess I'll keep referring to it with this title. I started this list back in 2003, but didn't touch it for some time after 2006. I recently picked it back up in January of 2012. Since then, every single game in the list has been retested and better settings have been found for many of the games. Also, 51 games that did not have settings now do, 8 games reported broken now have working configurations, and 25 titles previously missing from the list have been added.

What is it you may ask? It is an emulation configuration list of every known Nintendo 64 game, with recommended emulator and plugin combinations. It provides any known issues with the configuration, possible fixes to these issues, and any additional information which seemed worthy of noting. The goal of the list is to provide configurations that offer the best possible experience when attempting to play a specific game in a Nintendo 64 emulator. There are a number of different emulators and plugins created by the community. Combined together almost every single N64 game can be played almost perfectly.

While this list attempts to state the best configurations known, there may be a better alternative that this list does not state. There may also be issues that were missed, and fixes that were not found. Not nearly every game was tested to the end, so some game breaking issues may not have been discovered. If you find a better configuration or any issues that I missed, then send me an e-mail. I'll test it out and add it to the list if it improves the gaming experience.

Getting Started

If you have no idea on how to set up a Nintendo 64 emulator or configure plugins, it might be a good idea to check out my tutorials and learn a little bit about how N64 emulation works. The N64 emulation tutorial will teach you how to get started, and the GoodN64 tutorial will teach you how to verify your N64 ROMs.
N64 Emulation Tutorial - GoodN64+GoodGUI Tutorial

Now is probably a good time to update DirectX if you haven't updated in some time. Graphics plugins that utilize DirectX require up-to-date DirectX files, as do some modern games, so there is no harm in updating. If you are on an older operating system such as Windows XP, then this step is probably necessary.
DirectX Update from Microsoft

Graphics Card Drivers:
Although this step isn't entirely necessary, you may want to update your graphics card drivers if you haven't done so in a very long time. Sometimes updating drivers can fix random problems (and rarely create more). Make sure you download the correct drivers for your card from your graphics card manufacturer.
Nvidia GeForce Drivers - AMD/ATI Radeon Drivers

Other Useful Documents:
Also found on my tutorials page are two documents that I have typed up for and included with the N64 Plugins Pack. The N64 Plugins Pack ReadMe contains information on how to install the plugins and their required files, and also an easy step-by-step method to gather Jabo's plugins to use in other emulators. The Graphics Plugin Configuration Settings document briefly explains the various settings you will find when attempting to configure the various graphics plugins.
N64 Plugins Pack ReadMe - N64 Graphics Plugin Settings

The Games

You will notice when browsing through the configurations on the list, is that there are 6 or 7 columns of setup information for each game.
What each column represents in the configuration is found below:

An RSP plugin will only be mentioned in the configuration when it is side-by-side the graphics plugin z64 r17. If z64 is not suggested, and the configuration requires an RSP other than the emulator's default RSP, then it will be mentioned in a Note. More info on RSP plugins later on in the Plugins section.

The purpose of the known issues section is to state any errors found with the configuration and hopefully include a fix. Some issues do not have fixes. Most issues are minor ones and are easy to deal with and ignore. Some issues are more serious and may affect gameplay or the overall experience.

Issues Legend
None - Game runs near pefect and should play to the end. May contain very minor errors not worth mentioning.
(Minor) - Minor errors that don't usually need to be regarded. Minor errors will not affect gameplay and most have a fix.
(Moderate) - Game has noticable errors that may or may not affect gameplay, but should still play to the end.
(Major) - Game suffers from very noticable errors that will affect gameplay, but should still play (maybe to the end).
(Severe) - Serious errors that make the game unplayable, or unbearable to play.

Always make sure to read the Note: and Info: boxes included within the known issues section, for there may be fixes or suggestions not stated in an issue.
Good ROM Name
- Country
- Emulator
- Graphics Plugin
-Sound Plugin
- Known Issues
My Contact E-Mail:
Bighead's EmuHelp: -
Sources/References: Forums at Emutalk, Google searches, Glide64 Help doc, PJ64 FAQ, Iconoclast's N64 doc, user input, hours of testing.
Useful Tips

This section is just a collection of random tips that you may find useful on your Nintendo 64 emulation adventure.

- Jabo's Direct3D plugins are the most compliant with Intel integrated chipsets. Most other plugins will require some Radeon or Geforce graphics card.
- 1964 may be unstable with Jabo's or Azimer's audio plugins for some games. If this issue happens, try 1964 Audio or any audio plugin by schibo.
- Another case with audio in 1964, sometimes audio will cut out when entering full screen. Try fullscreening immediately after loading, or use 1964 Audio.
- Also, 1964 Audio often emulates audio too fast. Try configuring the audio plugin, and choose the option "Synchronize speed to audio".
- z64 only seems to read the z64.conf file from the Plugin folder found in the emulator's main directory. Using a different directory will not load the conf file.
- Also, z64 will only work with a graphics card that supports OpenGL 2.0. In other words, a modern day Radeon or Geforce is required.
- Jabo's plugins will only work in official builds of Project64, 1964, and Mupen64. Other emulators: 1964 UltraFast, 1964 v1.2, these plugins will not work.
- If a game requires "Read every frame (slow!)" in Glide64, try the option "Get framebuffer info" with Mupen64 instead. This setting has no hit to speed.
- Sometimes loading a game with Glide64 as the graphics plugin will not scale the window correctly. Reload the game or enter the plugin's options and exit.
- Mupen64 window will sometimes vanish when loading. Right click Mupen64 in the Start bar (hold shift in Windows Vista/7), and choose "Maximize".
- 1964 v1.2 will crash often. In most cases, after loading and closing out a game you will have to restart the emulator or it will crash on the next game loaded.
- Through my tests, I noticed the Mupen64 RSP sometimes did not show up in the emulator. Try closing the emulator, waiting a few seconds, and reloading.
- Get ready to hit Control+Alt+Delete if an emulator becomes very unstable and won't close. Find it's name in the processes tab, and click "End Process".


Over the years, I have tried to gather all or the known plugins created by the emulation community, along with the files they require, into a single pack to make it simple for those who wish to find them. A link to the plugins pack can be found on my Downloads page. I do not include the Project64 plugins by Jabo, so refer to the 'Plugins Pack ReadMe.html' in the plugin pack folder for a simple guide on how to gather them all into a single folder from the various versions of Project64. Besides Jabo's plugins, all other plugins that this N64 configuration list refers to are included within the pack.
Project64 v1.6
The official Project64 site where you can find the downloads for all versions. You will want to register to avoid ads.

1964 v1.1
1964 official homepage which includes downloads and source code for all official versions.

Mupen64 v0.5
Official website where you can grab v0.5.1. For version 0.4 (needed for Taz Express), I offer a link here.

Nemu64 v0.8
This emulator and the official page are dead, but it still has a few uses for a few games such as Yakouchuu II.

Project64 Audio Fix
The modified version of Project64 v1.4 by Azimer, it has perfect audio in games such as Diddy Kong Racing and Hydro Thunder.

1964 v1.2
Community updated version of 1964 by death2droid that allows overclocking and an updated version of Rice Plugin.

1964 UltraFast v3
1964 build by RetroRalph that allows N64 overclocking. The best emulator of choice for Conker's Bad Fur Day.

Apollo v0.10 R1.5
Unofficial update by Jin_Kazama, it is the most stable emulator for All-Star Baseball 2000 and 2001.

There are also some important updates to the emulators that do not come with their original package. Take the time to download and install these updates.
PJ64 RDB v4.22
This is a ROM Database update by Nekokabu and MASA for Project64 v1.6. It has updated settings for many games.

UnOfficial 1964 v1.1
This is an ini update based on Duncan's ini for 1964 v1.1 by The Siskoo that gets many more games working and bug fixes.

UnOfficial 1964 v1.2
Another ini file by The Siskoo, this one is for the community version of 1964. You may have to scroll through the posts.


There are many different Nintendo 64 emulators, some can play games that other cannot. The three most popular and compatible emulators are: Project64 v1.6, 1964 v1.1, and Mupen64 v0.5.1. These are the ones I most commonly use to test games, and these are the emulators/versions that the configuration list references when suggesting emulators that do not display a version number next to it. These emulators are displayed in the configuration list in red text. Every emulator has their strength and weaknesses. I'll try to provide some general information found while testing these emulators.

Project64 v1.6 Strengths:
- The most stable emulator out of all the Nintendo 64 emulators.
- Has a nice interface which is easy to understand and reports issues with default settings.
Project64 v1.6 Bugs/Weaknesses:
- Many games suffer from audio issues (random skips and pops). Sometimes can be fixed in an audio plugin with a "sync to game" option.
- Does not allow the option to choose an RSP plugin. The desired RSP plugin has to be renamed to "RSP.dll" which can be a hassle.

Mupen64 v0.5.1 Strengths:
- Perfect audio in many games that other emulators have issues with.
- High level emulation RSP which is faster than the Project64 LLE RSP.
Mupen64 v0.5.1 Bugs/Weaknesses:
- Often freezes when attempting to configure plugin settings while a game is loaded. Try to aim for a time when the game isn't demanding.
- Sometimes when loading the emulator, it will have no window. (Windows 7 hold Shift), then right click the emulator on the taskbar and choose "Maximize".

1964 v1.1 Strengths:
- Very fast core resulting in lesser system requirements than Project64 and Mupen64.
- Ability to modify the vertical interrupt for a game to practically any value (such as forcing 50VIs in an NTSC game).
1964 v1.1 Bugs/Weaknesses:
- Many games suffer from the same audio issues similarly found in Project64 (skips, pops, crackles, desyncs).
- Crashes often for many different reasons. Some reproductions are loading a game then a different game, modifying plugin options then loading a game.

There are also other emulators that are required to get certain games to work but are not really required for the majority of games. For example, 1964 v0.8.5 is required to get the correct geometry in games such as Star Wars Episode 1: Battle for Naboo. There is also the Project64 Audio Fix Edition by Azimer that gets games with troublesome audio to work with the correct sound effects. There is also 1964 UltraFast v3 that allows N64 overclocking, and a community updated version of 1964 managed by death2droid under the name 1964 v1.2. The older version of Project64 v1.5 is still useful when using z64 to get World Driver Championship and Stunt Race 64 to a playable state. These uncommonly used emulators are displayed in the configuration list in sea green text.

I'll try to provide some download links to these emulators. Emulators are not hard to find, you can try a search engine if you wish to find them elsewhere.
Jabo Direct 3D6/3D8
These highly compatible plugins by Jabo come with the various versions of Project64.

Rice's / 1964 Video
Highly configurable plugins by Rice, Aristotle, and Mudlord that can load high-rez textures. Eventually became 1964Video.

Glide64 Final
The famous plugin by Gonetz. It has the highest rate of compatibiliy of all plugins and can load high-rez textures.

Direct64 / glN64
These plugins by Orkin have fallen behind other plugins, but Direct64 can show the N64 dissolve effect.

TR64 D3D / OpenGL
I personally don't use these plugins, but it seems to have decent compatibility. The ucode must be manually selected.

z64 LLE r17
This LLE plugin by ziggy is capable of displaying graphics for games that have not had their ucode implemented.

Jabo's Direct Sound
Jabo's audio plugin for Project64. While not as accurate as Azimer's, it is still a very nice plugin with few issues.

Azimer's HLE Audio
This awesome plugin by Azimer is the most accurate and compatible audio plugin with the fewest issues.

1964 Audio v2.7
1964's audio plugin, it does not need an RSP plugin. Some games in 1964 may need this plugin to avoid random freezes.

Jabo's Direct Input
A nice input plugin by Jabo included with the various versions of Project64. It has support for the MemPak.

N-Rage Direct-Input
Originally created by N-Rage, it has gone through many developers and has support for: Mempak, Rumble Pak, Transfer Pak.

Adaptoid Plugin
A plugin designed for the original N64 Adaptoid USB Adapter. It is rumored a Voice Pak may work with this plugin.

Billard Plugins
Two great plugins by Billard, one is designed specifically for Xbox 360 controllers and the other is for the Wiimote.

More on RSP Plugins:

Jabo's Direct Sound audio plugins require an RSP plugin to produce sound. When using Jabo's audio plugin in any emulator, you will need to use an RSP plugin. There are only two options available. The Project64 RSP is an LLE plugin, and should produce better sound quality at the cost of system performance. The Mupen64 RSP is an HLE plugin and should produce nice sound quality at lesser system requirements than the Project64 RSP.

You can copy the RSP emulation Plugin (filename: RSP.dll) found in the Project64 Plugin folder, and the Hacktarux/Azimer hle rsp plugin (filename: mupen64_rsp_hle.dll) found in the Mupen64 Plugin folder, to the Plugin folder of other emulators. By default, I use only the Project64 RSP in Project64, the Mupen64 RSP in Mupen64, and no RSP plugin in 1964. If a configuration in this list calls for something different, it will tell you in a Note.

The graphics plugin z64 also needs an RSP plugin to function. There are currently three RSP plugins released by the community for z64, and I will label them by the name that shows up in the Plugin selection window in emulators:

RSP emulation Plugin v1.4 - This RSP is based off the RSP used by Project64 and was modified by ziggy to work with z64. This one is the fastest.
z64 RSP emulation Plugin - Based off an RSP by Ville Linde for MAME/MESS, it was also modified by ziggy to work with z64. This one is more compatible.
z64 RSP R17 Simple Interpreter - Modified version of the z64 RSP by angrylion that gets World Driver Championship and Stunt Racer 64 to play.

Which z64 RSP to use is specific to the game. Changing the RSP plugin is very simple in Mupen64 and 1964, there is a dropdown menu like the other plugins. In Project64, you must rename the RSP plugin you wish to use to RSP.dll, and back up the original one to a different name. Make sure to restore it when you are done or you're gonna get some weird errors later.

Hacktarux also has some nice info on RSP plugins here, and in the Mupen64 readme file. Both are definitely worth a read.
Project64 RSP
The RSP Plugin shipped with Project64. Labelled "Project64 RSP emulation Plugin" when selecting it as a plugin.

Mupen64 RSP
This is Mupen64's RSP Plugin by Hacktarux. Labelled "Hacktarux/Azimer hle rsp plugin" when selecting it as a plugin.

z64 RSP Plugins
There are three RSP plugins for z64, two by ziggy and one by angrylion. The differences in these are explained in "Useful Tips".

Graphics Plugins - These plugins are responsible for producing video in the emulator.
Audio Plugins - These plugins are what produces sound in the emulator.
Input Plugins - These plugins are what emulate button input from the keyboard and game controllers.
RSP Plugins - These plugins emulate the Nintendo 64's Reality Signal Processor.

Bighead’s N64 Multiple
Game Configuration List
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