This was the most epic glitch in any Zelda game. It allows you to teleport across the screen, allowing you to reach certain areas and find items you would not normally come across until much later in the game.
1.) The bush you see here makes it so you can't enter the forest without the sword.
2.) We'll show them. One screen down, line up with the path. Head up and press select.
3.) If you time it just before the screen shifts, you will see a glitch before the map appears.
4.) The map will appear and you should now be one screen up in the same position.
5.) The bush can't stop this hack. Notice the butterflies and hearts also warped with Link.
6.) In the forest without a weapon! There's much to be had before grabbing the sword.
The first cave you encounter in the forest is a gateway to several caves and areas found around Koholint Island. A lot of it you won't recognize unless you have completed the game a few times and have the level layouts somewhat memorized. There are a few cave screens that contain a strange room with a chest in it, much like a room you see in Level 7 (the Bird one). This chest always contains a Power Bracelet, or a level 2 bracelet if you already have the first. It can be grabbed on the same screen infinite times if you can come back to it. There is also a strange Yoshi Doll found in a room that resembles the Magnifying Glass cave...
1.) Near the entrance of the forest is a cave with a chest and a Heart Container Piece.
2.) Enter the cave, and use the warp glitch to get on top of the ceiling of the next screen.
3.) Head east about 3 cracks down to avoid running into alien monsters and blobs.
Using this glitch you can reach almost any area without the need to immediately fetch the sword from the beach. It is possible to warp through walls while exploring caves, which brings you to secret rooms that are not part of the normal game and were never intended to be found. It is also possible to find some of the games dungeons (such as Level 7) after passing through some walls. Just make sure you don't enter a stairwell while in a dungeon area, or you will be transferred to the actual dungeon!
4.) Avoid the alien blobs with flippers. Head up for a Yoshi doll with a strange message.
5.) "I don't suppose it would do any good to beg? Well, if you change your mind, tell me."
6.) Warp south from the Yoshi room and head through the wall. Drop down.
7.) It's not possible to open the chest from this point. Head east on the block path.
8.) Now, warp west from this cave back into the treasure room.
9.) This will put you on the wall near the chest. Just tap right to leap off the wall.
10.) You can now open up the chest. For some reason, it contains a Power Bracelet.
11.) Follow the path directly south from the chest to find another room with a chest.
12.) Open it up to find the second level of the Power Bracelet already!
From this point on you may want to save and quit. The only two options to travel are east and south, and both lead into a cave version of level 7. You can of course just keep warping through walls, but eventually you may find yourself in a hairy spot that you can not escape. Do NOT enter any stairways when finding dungeon levels through caves, or you will be stuck in that level. Also use caution when exiting the caves to the overworld. You may find yourself in an area you cannot easily escape from even using the warp glitch. Use Save and Quit (Start+Select+A+B) to return to the last entrance you were at (always assuming the cave in the forest). If playing on an emulator, use save states instead before going too far.

Using this warp you can find many of the game's hidden heart container pieces in the caves, and quickly travel to other areas of the island. Do note that this glitch only works on the original version of Link's Awakening. It does not work on the Gameboy Color version "Link's Awakening DX". Remember to save often when travelling around with this nasty little secret!