1.) Gaining a quick 99 lives has never been easier. Clear your way to Vanilla Secret 2.
2.) Try not to kill any of the Koopa Troopas and continue to make your way through the stage.
3.) Once you come to the pit full of Spineys, pop open the block with the gray "P" switch.
4.) Grab the switch and start to make your way back to area with the Koopas Troopas.
5.) This is a good starting point. Smash the switch and start running full speed to the left.
6.) This turns the Koopa Troopas into gray coins, which starts rolling in massive 3-Ups!
So maybe grabbing switches and collecting a ton of gray coins just isn't your thing. Maybe reaching 99 extra lives by ticking off a bunch of catepillars is more your style? Not only does this trick add up to 99 lives, it also somehow glitches out and maxes out your score. The strange thing about the Wigglers is, that after bouncing on them long enough, they start to shell out massive amounts of coins and points instead of 1, 2, and 3-Ups. The place to pull off multiple jumps on them is in the Forest of Illusion.
1.) Make your way to the Forest of Illusion 1, and make sure to have a feather handy.
2.) You will come across 3 Wigglers here. First, kill all of the turtles between them.
3.) Start bouncing on them one by one by floating and repeat. Do not touch the ground.
Super Mario World was an instant classic the day it came out. This game is in both of my Top 5 lists for "Most Memorable Games" and "Beat Over a Dozen Times". From gliding with the cape, flying with a blue Yoshi, to tossing fire at enemies, this game never truly gets old. Along the way I have discovered and come across a few ways to earn some easy extra lives, blast through the tougher star worlds, and even max out your score to a whopping 9,999,990 in seconds! Yeah I know, the score doesn't really matter in this game because it serves no real purpose, and this trick kinda takes all bragging rights away (but only if they know the trick. >:)

It is also possible to infinitely recycle the various "P" switches that you stomp on that turns coins into blocks or monsters into gray coins. Just hop on it while riding Yoshi, and hurry up and gobble the switch with his tongue. If you are quick enough, he will have a mouthful of a newly recycled "P" switch. This makes it possible to grab every single coin in the Yellow Switch stage if you have OCD.
4.) The easy rotation is to jump 3-1-2-3-1-2, sometimes 3-2-1-2-3-2-1-2-3 is possible.
5.) Glitched out numbers start appearing and your coins, lives, and your score start rolling.
6.) Now Mario's confident and unstoppable and ready to take on Bowser's legion.
It is possible to re-enter any castle that you have previously completed by pressing L+R.
Any P-Switch can be recycled by Yoshi if you can quickly eat it back up after it's smashed.
Fly above the Vanilla Ghost House entrance with a cape to unlock this 'top secret area'.
Tubular 3 - You will eventually find flying turtles. Eat one and carefully fly to the end!
Tubular 1 - Bring blue Yoshi. Stomp the "P" Switch, and jump far right to the first ? block.
Tubular 2 - Quickly head right, avoiding the football players ironically tossing baseballs.

Easy 99 Lives

Useful Hints

Blast Through the Special World
Gnarly - Simply bring Yoshi to this stage and eat the turtle to the right. Fly to the top.
Way Cool - Skip the 1st two switches, and hit the next 2. Yoshi and a pair of wings await!
Outrageous - Too outrageous! Fly with the cape and glide to the end safely off screen.