For me, this was the game that completely redefined video games. Of course I played some 3D games before Super Mario 64, but... this is Mario, in 3D! And it plays so smooth. We all know that Super Mario 64 had numerous glitches, the goal of this page is to try to state secrets and glitches that are not commonly known. Most of these were found during my childhood, maybe some were found out of strategy books, I don't know, it was years ago!

Some of the material found on this page include a few interesting glitches, shortcuts, and easy star grabs. I'll try to continue to add more to this page over time. And don't mind the grayed out stars.. I didn't feel like completing the game once again at this time so I used a cheat to unlock everything. This made easier to get the screens I needed.
Perform a standing double jump against the ceiling here facing the wall.
You will pop through the ceiling and pull yourself up to the stairs above.
Clever usage of a zoomed out Mario Camera can see why this happens in the first place.

Peach's Castle
- Stairway Shortcut
Push against where the wall and gate meet. Slowly edge left and right while pushing.

1: Bomb-Omb Battlefields
- Bypass the Switch Controlled Gate
You will hit a spot where Mario runs in place. Tilt left and right on analog while running.
Eventually you'll pop right through the gate. Mastering this can save you some time!
Face your back against the wall. Perform a side flip into a wall kick near the X.
2: Whomp's Fortress
- *3*: Shoot Into the Wild Blue - No need for canons. Flip to the top!
If you can land it perfectly, you can reach the platform above and grab the star!
Bombs away! It looks like you won't quite make it in, but Mario flips over the side.
If you look through the canon, you can see the cage in the distance. Center in on it.

- *5*: Fall Onto the Caged Island - Blast your way to the cage!
Aim the canon straight up until the second coin is halfway into the start of darkness.
Head towards the building with the chimney that leads to the penquin's slide race.
4: Cool, Cool Mountain
Climb up on top of the building, and slide down to where snoman lost his head.
It's possible to land right on this tiny frozen platform. We avoided a headache!
Hold the A button to fall slower. The camera will slowly start to shift towards the cliff.

- *6*: Wall Kicks Will Work - Or flying with the Spindrifts!
The camera should fixate to the cliff. The star is in sight! Start to descend towards it.
Jump on the spindrift. Ascend towards the yellow arrow. Descend by the red.

When you're about to grab the 4th chest, get ready to turn around and swim like a fish!
3: Jolly Roger Bay
- *1*: Plunder in the Sunken Ship - Swim like a fish!
Point yourself in the direction of the [ ! ] box and mash that A button like you mean it.
If you were quick enough, you can avoid leaping up the platforms.
Directly behind where you start is a platform with a wing cap. Long jump on over.
7: Lethal Lava Land
- *4*: Red-Hot Log Rolling - Superman it over the gate!
Land on top of the archway or sideflip onto it. Triple jump into flight towards the gate.
Try to maintain maximum altitude and you can fly right over the gate to the star.