Bighead's N64 Multiple Game Configuration List v4 - (326.41 KB)
Last updated: 6/21/12
This is my configuration list of every known Nintendo 64 game, with recommended emulator and plugin combinations. It provides any known issues with the configuration, possible fixes to these issues, and any additional information which seemed worthy of noting. The goal of the list is to provide configurations that offer the best possible experience when attempting to play a specific game in a Nintendo 64 emulator. There are a number of different emulators and plugins created by the emulation community. Combined together, almost every single Nintendo 64 game can be played almost perfectly.
This wonderful document is a compiled CHM by Iconoclast that covers how to emulate Nintendo 64 games to the best possible extent. It covers some information on N64 console, the emulators themselves, netplay, and offers links to other helpful websites. The CHM now covers over 70 games and will continue to grow over time. Don't hesitate to grab this great document if you want to learn more about the N64.

Note: The contents of this document may not display correctly on Windows Vista/7. The solution is to download this file and add the information to the registry. Then, when opening the CHM, make sure to uncheck the box that says "Always ask before opening this file", or it will not display the contents. After doing these two things, it should load up without an issue.
Iconoclast's Guide to Optimal N64 Emulation [6th Release] - (3.17 MB)
Last Updated: 5/09/08
My collection of emulation tutorials created for the public. These tutorials should be worthy enough of any newcomer to emulation, teaching them everything they need to know to get games working on their computer. If you are a newcomer to emulation, or know somebody that wants to learn, then check out these great tutorials.
Bighead's Emulation Tutorials
Azimer's Project64 Audio Fix Edition
Last updated: 8/06/03
This special version of Project64 made by Azimer allows you to play some games with perfect or near perfect audio. Also, it is a good version to have when the latest Project64 refers you to use their version 1.4 for games that run slow in their latest version. Just follow the link, and the download will be called "". Extract pj64.exe into the folder of Project64 v1.6 and run it from there. Later versions of Project 64 (v1.7-v2.1) may or may not work with this version (untested).
7-Zip Convert-Compare-Delete Batch Script v2.05 - (12.09 KB)
Last Updated: 8/9/14
This batch script is a recompression script that scans for RAR or ZIP files in a folder and recompresses them into 7z. It will compare the size of the original archive to the size of the 7z archive, output the file sizes in KB/MB, and keep the one with the smaller file size. It ouputs detailed log files that let you know what files got converted, which files stayed the same, and how much hard drive space was saved or preserved. It is limited to 20GB archives, and requires a valid 7-Zip installation.

Version 2.00 fixed a huge issue with the script gobbling down gigabytes of RAM, and added the ability to force the script to just mass convert all files into 7z if you do not care about saving hard drive space and just want 7z files. Version 2.01 added the option to move all processed archives into sub-directories to easily distinguish which files recieved what action. As of version 2.03, all bugs have been fixed and the script is pretty much perfect. See the ReadMe for more info and configuration.
Wiimote GlovePIE Scripts
A collection of wiimote scripts that I have made for various purposes. I have put them on their own page because there are a lot of them. There are scripts to enable the wiimote as a controller on the PC using PPJoy, a script for mouse controls and remote control for various media players, and PC game specific scripts. To read more about them follow the Link buton.
Antiseptic Video Game Console Icons
Last updated: ??
This is a collection of some great icons that represent a bunch of the old classic systems. The icons were created by "starvingartist", and are hosted at Deviant Art. These icons are well made and are great to use for emulator shortcuts.
This site or any of this site's contents is NOT affiliated with Nintendo in any way. The information on this site is solely for learning purposes. This site does not contain nor link to illegal software in any way, shape, or form.
Video Shaders and Plugins for Emulators
I have put together some compilations of shaders for emulators because they can be rather difficult to find scattered all over the net and message boards. There are several kinds of shaders, and only some emulators support certain kinds of shaders.

CG Shaders - These shaders can be used in Snes9X and RetroArch.
higan Shaders - For the latest versions of the higan emulator.
RPI Shaders - Plugin format shaders for VBA-M and Kega Fusion.
FX Shaders -  Shader files for PS2 emulator PCSX2.
Pete OGL2 Shaders - PSX shaders for use with Pete's OGL2 Plugins.

Click on any of the above links to go to the download. Each pack comes with brief instructions on how to use them.
TTF2PGF+ Font Converter for PSP - (1.27 MB)
Last updated: 3/2/14
This is a font converter by "Skylark" that can convert TTF fonts to the PGF format that the PSP and PPSSPP emulator uses. I have created and added a script that automates the process of generating an entire font set. You can adjust the font height, horizontal scaling, and shadows to attempt to make the font you choose properly fit on the PSP or PPSSPP emulator. You can find more information on this program and the included configuration script on the PPSSPP forums by clicking here.
mudlord's WinMupen Frontend for Mupen64Plus - (1.3 MB)
Last updated: 9/1/13
This is absolutely the best Windows frontend for Mupen64Plus by mudlord. It simplifies using Mupen64Plus by offering a GUI instead of having to configure and run the emulator through the command line. It offers a built in ROM browser and allows you to configure the emulator and all the available plugins with ease. Finally, a frontend that makes this emulator a valid choice.
Super Mario Land... in Color v0.99
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play Super Mario Land for the Game Boy in color? Well, now you can! This is a project that I did using the emulator Game Boy Enhanced. Visit the link for more details.
Xenoblade Chronicles HD Texture Pack v7.2d
This is an HD Texture Pack for Xenoblade Chronicles for use in the Gamecube/Wii emulator Dolphin. The project was started by layberneth, later maintained by poweredbykimchi, and now maintained by me. It has come a long way in the past few years, and greatly enhances the image quality of the UI. Work is being done on other things such as the character textures and environments. Follow the link to find the downloads for this pack and learn more.
Last updated: 10/16/14
Last updated: 1/14/16