Welcome to Bighead's EmuHelp!
This site is here to provide helpful info on N64 emulation and anything else I feel like putting here. Emulation offers the ability to play the N64 and many of the old gaming systems on your computer, and this site was designed with the intention of helping you get started. The site has now been up for a decade, starting on emuxhaven and moving to atspace when they disappeared. This site started as a home for my N64 Multiple Game Configuration List. In the years the site's been up, I didn't update it much. But I did update the various help documents and other various material over time. I also hosted non-emulation projects from time to time, including my WarCraft III map "Wintermaul Wars: Tournament Edition" and my custom Guitar Hero III charts. While these projects are still available on the site on the Other Stuff page, the focus of this site is N64 emulation.
What does this emulation site have to offer?
For one, it does not offer ROMs so look elsewhere if that is why you are here. This is a fan site by me to offer emulation help documents for newcomers to the world of N64 emulation, and any useful downloads such as the plugins pack. If you are here to learn, the first place you should drop by is the "Tutorials" section where I offer some great tutorials to help you get started. I suggest reading the NES Emulation tutorial if you have never touched an emulator before and have no idea on what's going on. After learning a little about emulation in general, you can dive into the N64 emulation tutorial (or you can just skip the NES tutorial if you are feeling brave). The downloads page also offers a great document by Iconoclast that goes even deeper into N64 emulation, and has steps to get the best possible experience when playing certain games. Last but not least, and the reason this site is here, is my wonderful N64 Config List. After learning more about N64 emulation, you will find that emulation is far from perfect, and requires the proper configuration to get most games working correctly. Theres also lots of other fun stuff to be found on the site, just take a look around! The Downloads page may have something you might find interesting.
So why a site for mostly N64 emulation material?
Personally the Nintendo 64 was my favorite system growing up. I had consoles dating back to the Sega Master System, Atari 2600, and the classic NES, but the N64 really stood out on it's release. I remember playing Super Mario 64 for the first time in Wal-Mart before owning the system, and remembering "OMG, Mario in 3D! I must have this". Years later when I discovered N64 emulation, I was pretty ecstatic. I wanted to do anything I could for the emulation community, which unfortunately wasn't much considering my lack of knowledge and young age. I am also not a programmer so I could not help with any actual coding. At the time there were only a handful of emulators and plugins, and not every emulator/plugin could play games correctly if at all. August came, and I was about to take my yearly vacation. My cousins would be amazed with N64 emulation, and I wanted to show it to them hassle free, that's when the N64 Configuration List was born. I eventually became very into testing games, trying to find that "golden configuration" for as many games as possible. The list eventually led to slight public fame, and emuXhaven offered web space to host the site. An entire site is unnecessary for a mere list I thought, but still I couldn't have been more greatful. So, I decided to expand on the site, making it a Nintendo 64 emulation help site, offering as much info as I could on emulating the Nintendo 64 on the home computer. Bighead's EmuHelp was born.
And the Final Words...
I hope you enjoy your visit! Although its just a small dent in the webspace, maintaining this site has been an important part of my life for some time now. I have a lot of fun doing it, and it's a personal project that I enjoy and I hope someone finds it of some use. I want to eventually add more content to it to offer more N64 emulation related help files, as well as more emulation related material in general. I also want to eventually expand on my "Secrets and Glitches" section, which is a page dedicated to exploiting or glitching some of the older games for fun. I have officially stopped updating Wintermaul Wars: Tournament Edition, but you can find that in the "My Other Stuff" link. I am also still working on Firemaul Wars for SC2 from time to time, so if you're curious it is still my intention to update it as of writing this sentence.
This site or any of this site's contents is NOT affiliated with Nintendo in any way. The information on this site is solely for learning purposes. This site does not contain nor link to illegal software in any way, shape, or form.
First I want to point out that Internet Explorer 10 users must enable the "Compatibility View" option on the address bar to properly display this site's contents! And now that that's out of the way, I'll start with a short description.