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Wiimote Scripts - The Final Update (Hopefully)
These scripts can be found on my Downloads page, and I'll link them here until this post gets buried.

WiiMote PPJoy GlovePIE Mapping Script v1.51 - Download - ReadMe
Mouse + Multi-Media Player GlovePIE Script v1.4 - Download - ReadMe

I initially created my wiimote scripts for GlovePIE around 2 or 3 years ago, and over time I made small improvements here and there. When time passed, I always found little bugs or other various issues that annoyed me. Which honestly is rare, I use my wiimote almost every single day of my life on my PC for one thing or another. But I think I finally nailed it. Both my PPJoy script and Mouse+Multi-Media Player scripts should finally be perfect without any small bugs or undesired effects. When I added Guitar support for the PPJoy script, the inputs would freak out if a MotionPlus was attached with an extension, such as the Nunchuk or Classic Controller. This is because I read the pitch value to enable star power and GlovePIE didn't like that. So reading through the GlovePIE documentation, I noticed a "SmoothPitch" value. I tried using that instead, and everything works as intended. I don't know if I did something wrong or it's a bug in GlovePIE, but who cares. It now works.

As for the mouse script, there was a lot of things that bothered me in the end but never thought of attempting. First, I have dual screens and the wiimote only reached 1/4th of the 2nd screen. Second, the mouse movements were always jittery and not very smooth. Third, the wiimote had trouble reaching the corners of my screen. And fourth, when the script was running, it bogged up some of my keyboard and mouse inputs for buttons that the wiimote uses (like Control and middle mouse). I don't know why it took me so long to fix these issues for how much I use my wiimote, but I finally did. I think a part of it was that I didn't think it was possible to fix some of these things. The big issue was that GlovePIE does not like "IF" statements very much, especially when nested. So, I had to create alternative ways (with uglier code) to do some things. In short: it finally seems to be perfect.

Feel free to do whatever you want with them: link to, modify, redistribute, take over the planet, etc..
7-Zip Convert-Compare-Delete - The Final Update (Again, Hopefully!)
This script can be found on my Downloads page, and I'll link it here until this post gets buried.

7-Zip Convert-Compare-Delete Batch Script v2.04 - Download - ReadMe

I've recently been obsessed to finally put these old projects to rest. I have always had a bad habit to never completely finish what I start, even the smallest things such as this batch script. Just like my wiimote scripts, this also had some slight issues I wanted to fix once and for all and call it "done", although the issues were only cosmetic. To briefly explain what this is once again, this is a batch script that scans a folder for rar/zip archives, recompresses them into 7z, and outputs all operations to log files. Rather than go too in depth, the ReadMe is right there if you're really interested. I've personally used it to free up countless amount of gigabytes on my hard drives, while slowly improving it over time. I'm far from fluent in batch scripting so the code is ugly and messy, but it does the job and it does it well. The only requirement is a valid 7-Zip installation.
The Legend of Shaders - Links to Future
Yep, that was the definitely the corniest title I could think of that spoofed a popular retro video game title. I've been wanting to bundle together some shader packs for emulators for a long time now, because they can be rather difficult to find. Shaders can greatly enhance image quality beyond filters that are built into most emulators, and can also add some really neat effects that are otherwise unattainable. To show an example, here are some before and after pictures of Super Mario World in Snes9X using Hyllian's xBR shader. I'll take that over HQ4X anyday! Shaders can definitely breathe some new life into old games. There are several types of shaders, and only some emulators have support for any of them. Some of these emulators include: SNES9x, higan, VBA-M, Kega Fusion, PCSX2, and RetroArch. You can grab these shader packs on the Downloads page.
Xenoblade Chronicles HD Texture Pack v5.0 for Dolphin Emulator
It's been a few years since I played Xenoblade, so I figured I'd take it for a spin in Dolphin emulator and check out the texture pack on the forums. I was impressed with how much better it made the UI look, but I was sad that it was far from a finished product. It appeared to me that the project was dead, so I decided to do what I could to revive it. A few of the things about the pack that really got my attention were the nice looking portraits, icons, and HD Maps. Problem is, some textures require 100's of variations to always show up in game, and HD maps were done for only 2 areas. So I started making my own HD maps here and dumping duplicate textures to help the project along. Others began to join in along the way (frozenwings, Echoes, and narcku, I'm looking at you!). They started contributing textures, frozenwings dumped IDs, I made a bunch of other textures, and the pack has become a true work of art. None of this could not have been accomplished without them. Thanks guys!

So after over 2 months of hard work by everyone, the texture pack has reached the next stage in its evolution. The total number of textures included in the pack has increased from 25k to 86k (mostly duplicates, but they are necessary), and there is a whole slew of new textures as well. The entire UI is mostly done from start to finish, and it has never looked better. Anyway, you can read all about it on the Dolphin Forums but beware, there is a lot of posts! It may be awhile before the first post is updated with the latest version, so follow the link from the title of this news entry or view my post here on the forums. This post also has the download links and other useful information regarding this pack. You can also view the ReadMe.
More Xenoblade Chronicles Texture Pack Stuff
A few weeks ago I officially became the maintainer of this project here:

I'm happy to say a lot of good progress is being made. The texture pack has reached a whole new level, and overall makes this epic game even more epic. Well, that's about all I have to say about it at the moment. This news update was more or less just free publicity for it, to advertise its existence to anyone who stumbles upon this site. If you are a fan of Xenoblade Chronicles, or have yet to play it, then you will want this pack! And if you haven't played it yet, what are you waiting for !?
A New Home + NSMB Wii Texture Pack
So finally deleted my site off of their servers. I always knew it was a possibility after reading their rules that stated "no emulation sites". Yet another free host, yet another URL change. As long as I am alive, I will do what I can to keep this site up on the web. Just like a cold sore, I'll always return. I don't get nearly enough traffic, nor do I generate any income from this site, so to me it is not worth it to pay for a host/domain name. If the address ever changes again, I will again update any forum posts that are scattered across the various emulation sites to notify everyone like I have always done before.

Aside from the new URL, I have also created a simple texture pack for New Super Mario Bros. Wii which you can find at the Dolphin forums. I mainly focused the blurry UI textures, and I doubt I'll do anything beyond that any time soon.
7-Zip Convert-Compare-Delete - The Not-So Final Update + Random Wiimote Scripts
7-Zip Convert-Compare-Delete Batch Script v2.05 - Download - ReadMe
Even though I thought I'd never update this again, I like to promote my mass 7z recompression batch script anytime I can because it really is awesome when it comes to converting many rar/zip archives to 7z. A user of the script alerted me of a bug when working with very small files under 100kb. If the value fell below 0.1 MB, it would display a value such as 0.09 MB as 0.90 MB. So that's been fixed, and the final calculations in MB are also now more accurate.

For any fellow Wiimote-PC users out there, I added 2 more Wiimote scripts for PC Games Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky and Valdis Story: Abyssal City which can be found on the Wiimote Scripts page. Both games are entertaining and worth looking into. The only requirements are a Wiimote, bluetooth dongle, and GlovePIE. The Legend of Heroes script can take advantage of the Wiimote being able to be used as a mouse which requires a sensor bar, a wireless or USB is ideal for PC usage. Or if you are feeling bold, you can create your own which is explained at the bottom of the page in my tutorial here.
10 Year Anniversary!
That's right, 10 short years have gone by since I started this site, time really flies! I had nothing special planned for this day other than this announcement, nor do I have anything else to put here so... Hope it's been useful to some of you out there!
Xenoblade HD Texture Pack v5.6, Super Mario Land in Color, and N64 Plugins Pack Update
I've been rather busy lately with these projects. First we have the latest update to the Xenoblade Chronicles HD Texture Pack for use in the Dolphin emulator. Not much new since the last version, but hopefully it has been made much simpler to use for users new to the world of texture packs in Dolphin. I have divided the contents into three packs: the core pack, environment pack, and tutorials+controller buttons pack. The core pack contains mostly UI textures along with some character retextures. The environment pack is separate because it will only continue to grow in size, and people can be picky when it comes to replacing environments so it is completely optional. Last, the tutorials+controller pack is separate because there is 4 versions depending on the controller, so there is no reason to include them all in the core pack.

Another side project involved colorizing Super Mario Land in the Game Boy Enhanced emulator. When I found this emulator I couldn't resist. I set up a page for it, so follow the link if you wish to play this game in color for the first time!

Last I have finally upated the N64 plugins packs with all the latest plugins. I have changed the pack's contents. No longer do I have a single "Plugin" folder, instead I offer the plugins in their original archives with a URL shortcut leading to each plugin's development page. This will allow users to hand pick which plugins they actually want to use, and they can follow the link to maybe contact the author or find a more recent version that this pack does not contain.
Bighead, Welcome to Browsers in 2014
I remember back in the day when Netscape Navigator was all the rage, and we were just happy to be on the internet. Somewhere along the way, we have entered a scary new age where all the top competing browsers support a dark magick known as "Tabs". One issue my site always had is when clicking on any link, it always opens it in the current tab instead of a new tab. Well, this is no longer the case, as all external links will now open a new browser tab. Why did it take me so long to implement this? My only valid answer is lethargy and forgetfulness. Every time the thought crossed my mind, it was only a few minutes before it was gone. Finally, the thought stuck this time, and now all pages have been updated to support opening external links into new tabs by clicking on them. To quote an old phrase to justify my laziness: better late than never.
It's 2015? And halfway over!?
Every year gets a little bit shorter, hard to believe it's already been 9 months since I last posted anything here. So what have I been up to? Mostly hanging out in the Dolphin forums working on HD texture related stuff.

The Xenoblade Chronicles HD Texture Pack has seen many good updates these past few months, and recently there has been an influx in contributions. The pack makes this game beautiful in Dolphin, and has come a long way over the years. I'm proud of the work that has been done, and happy that I got to be a part of it and helped it become what it is today.

The Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door HD Texture Pack has seen many contributions from me the past few months. While I have done a ton of the UI, and even more character textures (preview), there is still much to be done with this game. I don't know how much more I'll contribute to this pack, hopefully over the months/years the game will be fully retextured.

A side project I worked on called Custom Texture Tool, is a batch script that utilizes ImageMagick and DDS utilities, that helps pack maintainers manage texture packs in Dolphin. There is also a feature that allows batch conversion of PNG textures to DDS textures, keeping the folder hierarchy in tact. It is now being used by multiple texture pack authors and users alike.

Over time I also added Wiimote Scripts for PC games Bastion and Shovel Knight, and also added a script to use the Classic Controller as an Xbox 360 controller using x360ce. I did not write a ReadMe for this script, but I did write up a new tutorial.

Well, that about wraps up the past 9 months, or at least my time in the emulation community. Until next time!
Scripts, Scripts, Scrupts
Today I released my Custom Texture Tool PS v8.1, which is a tool to help manage texture packs for use in Dolphin emulator. This is a PowerShell script that I have been working on for some time and have had many versions leading up to this one. So what makes this one special? Well, its the start of the end, as the version 8 series will most definitely lead up to the "final version". This is the first version that can literally handle any single case that is thrown at it when it comes to Dolphin textures. It's been a long time in the works, and nothing more remains except for some possible code cleanup and refactoring.

I have also gone back and "refurbished" all my old wiimote scripts for PC games (which can be found here), in an attempt to 'standardize' them and make sure they still work with the latest versions of these games. For example, the Axiom Verge script had all the wrong button assignments somehow. I also added a wiimote script for Final Fantasy X Remastered which uses PPJoy, so it requires a bit more setup than the other PC Games scripts. This is a game that I have finished multiple times, but heck one more playthrough won't hurt.

Last but not least, Zenju has added command line support for his xBRZ ScalerTest (which support has been added to Custom Texture Tool). But it's usage is obviously not limited to Dolphin textures, so I wrote a simple batch script that will allow upscaling a folder/sub-folders full of images. That can be found here.
Mediafire Account Suspended By The Man
I figured this day would come eventually. My mediafire account had a lot of "questionable" material on it. But the thing is, none of it was "illegal" material. I broke no laws, yet time and time again The Man blocks my downloads and suspends my accounts because I host texture packs. The thing is... texture packs are NOT illegal! Quite frankly I get sick of having to reupload all my shit over and over again because the ESA is incompetent and can't distinguish the difference between copyrighted and freelanced materials. But I won't let them beat me, I'll just keep uploading everything over and over again.
Skies of Arcadia - Texture Pack in the Works!
A game that has deserved a remake/texture overhaul for a long time, Skies of Arcadia is a well known classic that has been overlooked by Sega for years. For some time, a texture pack for this game in Dolphin emulator was not possible without issue. This may still be the case in some aspects, but a texture pack IS now possible. For the past few weeks, I, with the help of frozenwings, have been working hard on creating new textures for this game to make it look much nicer on modern hardware. You can see a very basic preview here.

None of the textures in that screenshot can be considered "final", and much has yet to be retextured. There is a ton of work to be done before this pack can even be considered for a public release. Hopefully over the coming weeks I'll have more to show, but for now the above image is all you get. :P I do want to say there is a great possibility that this pack will never reach full completion. Textures take time, and as the goblins in WoW say, "Time is money friend".

For over a decade now, I have never accepted donations for any of my projects. But as I get older, and the times get harder, and I realize I don't make nearly enough money, my outlook is changing. For the first time ever, I may begin to accept donations for this project, but it doesn't have to be for this project specifically. If you liked any of my projects over the years, enjoyed or found it useful, then I may ask for your thanks in the form of currency! This is obviously not mandatory, I will not cease my projects, and I will not hold anything hostage.  It would simply be a way of saying "thanks" that can really help me in return. I have not decided when or how I would accept donations just yet, but expect to hear more in the future.

Edit (1/1/2016): I'm in a good mood, so here's one last preview for now.